5 Best Window Tint Films to Purchase for Vehicle & Domestic Use in 2017

Window tint films

If you want one of the easiest refurbishments on your car and your house, the window tint film application will surely enhance your privacy and give you other benefits while you are inside your car or the elegance of your home. But you must check out first your area’s local regulation regarding car tinting, as different states have different rulings.

In this discussion, we will give you a list of the 5 best window tint films to buy for automotive and home use in the current market which you can install easier than cleaning your seat belts (2). But first, learn more about window tint films and their applications.

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What is Window Tint Film and Benefits of Installing?

Window film is commonly used and installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in homes, buildings, automobiles, boats, and other glass surfaces to reduce heat and glare, enhance privacy and security, and other purposes. The film is usually made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is classified as a thermoplastic polymer resin.

Home and automobile window film use are gaining popularity among car lovers and home owners across the United States because of the privacy, security, UV rays blocking capability, and other improved comforts (3) the film offers. The darkness or the visible light transmitted through the window is measured in VLT (Visible Light Transmission) (4) levels and is represented in percent (%), meaning, the lower the percentage the higher the darkness level.

5 Best Window Tint Films To Invest For More Private Moments

The Black Magic Insta-Cling window tint film is one of Auto Expressions’ innovative products that include wheel cleaners, tire shine, car soaps, and other auto detailing items that is why the company knows your car better than anyone else. Black Magic is really like magic when you have one installed in your car windows. This wonder of engineering clings to your car’s glass windows without using any glue or adhesive, just like magic!

And what’s more? The Insta-Cling is also applicable to your home’s glass panels, like sliding doors or windows, and can be installed easily. Even first time users can mount this thin film without the hitch by just reading the instructions and without elaborate tools needed.

The Black Magic Insta-Cling has a VLT level of 5% and can be removed and still use in other applications without damaging the film or diminishing the VLT level. This window tint film comes in 26 X 78 inches in dimensions which are just enough to cover 2,028 square-inch of windows of a regular sedan or two large glass windows in your home, at the fraction of a price compared to other brands.

OxGord Car Window Tinting Black Reflective Window Tint 35 VLT

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One of the good things about the OxGord Car Window Tint is that it is not so dark inside your car or even when you look outside because it has a VLT of 35%. However, this window tint film only fits specific types of car make, model, and year as this product is not universal in application, you can check out Amazon’s fitment chart for your accurate fit.

The Oxgord Reflective Window Tint comes in 20 X 10 feet in size, one of the biggest sizes in the market. With this large size, you can cover a truck or a van and still, you have something left for your home windows. Additionally, trimmings could be used on motorcycle helmets, motorcycle goggles, sun visor, and other glass surfaces that you need on the road or in your home.

While the price of the whole roll of this window tint is cheaper than any other brand, it is also easy to install and does not need much skill to do so.

The Gila Xtreme Limo Automotive Window Tint has one of the lowest VLTs in town! At 2.5% VLT, this window tint really mimics pitch black nights, a great relief for more privacy and security inside your car. With a VLT level of this magnitude, the tint is also a good sun blocker while it comes dim blue inside your car. Very cool, indeed! It is also so easy to install even so thin enough, it is almost invisible to you car windows once mounted.

This product from Gila shows more than meets the eye. This window tint is also terrific for your sliding glass doors in your bedroom, your home windows, and other glass panels inside your house if you want great sun block. Also perfect for aquariums.

While the Gila Xtreme Limo Black Window Tint brings sun protection for your car and glaring nightlight from the incoming vehicles, it also comes with a low price tag per roll. A roll has 2 X 6.5 feet dimensions and can be used to cover small car windows in full or one large home glass window.

The PROTINT Window Tint Film Roll though has one of the highest prices in the industry, it is also one of the most sought-after by car lovers. Wonder why? First of all, the PROTINT has 5% VLT, it comes in 36” X 10’ per roll, and blocks almost 99% of UV rays, which could be very harmful when you are exposed for long periods of time. Additionally, this window tint also reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed by your car windows especially during summer.

This product has also various applications, such as an ideal tinting for your home’s windows, glass doors, and other glass construction where you won’t need blinds when the sun shines. It is also perfect for boats, which can reduce heat absorption by more than 15% while you are cruising in the middle of the ocean where shade is impossible to find. Moreover, the PROTINT Tint Film is a US-made product, so you are assured of its durability and longevity, unlike any other brand.

This could be installed without any special tools, even amateurs will not have a hard time mounting it into their car’s windows. The ease of installation is one of this product’s selling points, while also being great as a terrific sun blocker.

While LEXEN provides the industry with 5% to 50% VLT on its window tinting lines, its 5% Limo Shade Window Tinting Film is one of its best-sellers. You may blame the ever harmful climate change for the increase in sales, but the climate change phenomenon is really harming the drivers and passengers especially during summer. Less they will install this window tint on their car windows, it helps a lot in reducing the heat absorbed by your car in searing hot highways.

The LEXEN 20” X 10’ Roll of window tinting film is one of the cheapest of its class but with quality that is undeniably superior from expensive brands. You will probably need 2 rolls of this finest product to cover all your car’s windows, including windshield and back window.

This product, by the way, is slightly thicker than average tint film in the market. The added thickness though will prevent the film from sagging and scratching where it can be installed even by the inexperienced ones as it is so easy to mount of your car windows. The LEXEN Window Tinting Film could also be used on your home’s glass surfaces.


Did you enjoy our list for today? Window tint films are one of the best things that ever happen to your car. While you can clearly see the outside of your vehicle, even in pitch black nights while your headlights light you up, the heat your car absorbs while the sun shines intensely, is dramatically reduced.

Tinting your car does not only provide security and privacy, it also gives you protection from harmful UV lights and other benefits that you can’t get when you have untinted windows. Additionally, these products are also applicable for home use.

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