6 Best Chrome Polishes for Various Applications – 2017

Chrome Polishes

Polishing your car is sometimes the most overlooked part that you do when making maintenance. You do know that chrome, when brand new, looks like a jewel that truly shines. But wait till it starts to fade away and tarnished, you can see the ugly side of it.

Polishing is usually the last thing to do to complete a total “makeover” for your car. When a car is painted, the accessories are fixed, such as bumpers and fog lights, there is really one thing to do to make your car as beautiful as ever. The most finishing touches after those accessories are laid out, includes waxing and polishing the interior of the car, its chrome wheels, and other parts of the car that need to be polished and shine back to its original glory!

We bring you here the list of 6 of the best chrome polishes for all applications for the 2017 market. With this list, we let you decide on what polishing product you can attain the best shine for your car that is also long-lasting, non-toxic, diverse in application, and affordable, so you can save much on your budget.

6 best chrome polishes for cars

The 6 products below are the leading brands in polishing anything chrome and other metals. They are highly recommended for use in your car with a variable speed buffer (orbital or rotary buffer) or otherwise specified. These products are easily available on Amazon and will come to you with free shipping when you purchase online.

Additionally, the one that you should pick must satisfy your desire for a good quality shine, versatility of application, long lasting protection, and budget-friendly. Furthermore, our list is in random order and not necessarily from top to bottom or otherwise. Read on, car lovers!

The Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream is for various uses, unlike other metal polishes. This super product can be used in your home, marine products, and in the automotive industry. Although marketed as a metal polish, this cream is also used for selected plastic and jar materials (2).

The beauty of this non-abrasive metal polish is its diversity of uses and applications. The Blue Magic 400 comes in 7oz. container and could be used in polishing various metals, such as gold, silver, copper, sterling silver, chrome and alloy wheels, brass, aluminum, and other metals.

As one satisfied user testifies, he said:

I bought this particular polish (Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream) based on the positive reviews here on Amazon. I couldn't be more pleased! It left my Jeeps Mickey Thompson
wheelslooking brand new off the showroom rack. Great shipping time and a great product.. 5 STARS!

Ariel Thom

The Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish is probably one of the polishing products that produces your desired shine without using a buffer (a microfiber fabric will do). But still, incredible results could be had using a good buffing machine, this is only for cases when one caring car owner does not have an electric buffer on hand.

The Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish has a secret formula that is not toxic even when used in a regular basis. This product cleans away grime, stains, and oxidation brought about by moisture and water. This metal polish also shines and protects aluminum wheels, alloys, brass, and other metals.

You need only a clean cloth (or a microfiber fabric as we have stated earlier) and a “little elbow grease for a shine”. The Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish comes in a 10 oz. a container that is also biodegradable but not reusable. This truly outrageous product is basically user-friendly!

The 3M Chrome and Metal Polish comes in a 10 oz round container that clean and polishes chrome, bronze and copper, stainless steel, brass, and bring them in mirror shine. This product is mainly used for automotive applications that come in paste form, but unlike other polishes, the 3M Chrome and Metal Polish could also be used in steel (7).

Automotive experts are unanimous in declaring that even a small amount of oxidation is enough to cloud metal and dull its shine and mirror finished. The 3M 39527 helps remove and minimize pitting and spotting of metals, hence maximizing its shiny reflections as light bounces off a smooth and well-polished surface.

The Quickway Brands Quick-Glo Chrome Cleaner is highly recommended for those who are too busy to make regular polishing on their car. This wax could coat your car from harmful oxidation for up to one year. But it also depends on the atmospheric condition your car will undergo.

The Quick-Glo brand had been manufactured by Quickway Brands since the late 1950’s and the product had undergone little or almost no change in formula since then. Quick-Glo remains one of the most effective brands in polishing surfaces like chrome, brass, glass and white walls, sinks, and stainless steel, with its original formula (10).

For added convenience for car lovers, this old formula polisher could also bring back the shine to your windshield, mirrors, and even porcelain. The application really extends from car to home use, absolutely brilliant!

Aluminum and stainless steel is no match for the Surf City Garage 139 Killer Chrome Perfect Polish as it is not only tarnished chrome that it could bring back its original shine. This polisher also works faster than any other brand in the market as this dries up quickly. It is very efficient for car lovers who are always on the go.

The Killer Chrome is a US-made product and is excellent in lifting filth and grime from metal surfaces while preventing oxidation. Other products on the market are usually physical abrasive sand and silica that physically sand down the surface that could eventually deplete the chrome over time.

One thing great about this product is that it is very economical to use. A small amount of it could literally wipe off those stains and grime in a large surface area.

Unlike other brands, the Starbrite Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish is a wipe on, wipe off formula. Meaning, it could be easily applied, dries up almost instantly, and then it is easy to wipe to attain the desired shine. This product also bonds with metal for longer protection from the elements.

The Starbrite also provides a barrier to future stains and corrosion and leaves a dazzling shine. While this product is truly hard-working, it also works well with motorcycle chrome surfaces making it also more popular to riders across the US.

The best results using the Starbrite Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish is achieved using premium quality polishing and buffing pad. This will make your car a hyper-duper piece of shine!


Did you enjoy our list? We hope you do. With the price of chrome polishes becoming more and more affordable, and with this quantity of polishers flooding the market, there are still brands that offer ultra-quality and sophistication. Polishing is really a tedious process decades ago.

But now, it is made as easy as possible, thanks to the ever growing choices for more efficient polishers available now online. Like this 6 best chrome polishes for various applications available in the 2017 market that we have featured.

These products are selected because of their versatility of use (not only for cars but also for other metals, and sometimes non-metal applications), long lasting effect, ease of use, and affordability, among other attributes.

Send to us your comments about what you think on this article and share if you truly like it.

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