Best 12-inch Subwoofers To Rule The Market In 2017


For your car to have more romantic sound and ambiance while you drive, especially in the evening with your sweetheart in tow, a speaker system with a 12-inch subwoofer will graciously render the passionate music. Some of the world’s best 12-inch subwoofers are easily available online which you can order with free shipping.

But why do 12-inch subwoofers the preferred choice by most car owners? While you mix it with the best car speakers (2), you can blend them together to assemble the best sound possible. We tackle here 5 of the leading brands of 12-inch subwoofers in the market and know what the best one for your needs, but first, take a look at some facts about this well-loved piece of an audio system.

Benefits of Using Subwoofers

Utilizing a 12-inch subwoofer puts you on the edge over other sizes. This type of subwoofer is universal which could provide you with diverse music having heavier bass. The sub woofer (also called “sub”) is part of the speaker system that is designed to produce the lower end of frequencies, commonly known as “bass”. You may opt for a 6.5” car speaker (3) and the best car amplifier (4) as perfect combinations with a subwoofer.

The subwoofer is primarily designed to reproduce bass which when hearing along with music, creates a realistic low-frequency base of recorded sounds providing unimaginable excitement. Additionally, a component subwoofer increases the level of power to your sound and music when other speaker systems can’t recreate.

Here are some other benefits of using subwoofers:

  • Allows for the suitable bass range.
  • Aids in preventing distortion.
  • Averts potential damage to the speaker system.
  • The bass functions without direction.
  • The bass could enhance optimal performance for your speakers.
  • Subwoofers create a sensible sound sensation.

How to Choose the Best 12-inch Subwoofer

If you want the best 12-inch subwoofer, you have to decide on what kind of bass you are looking for. It’s not always ideal to have bigger sub woofer because different sizes and make have different sounds to a variety of music. The key to finding the right 12-inch subwoofer for you is to find the right match for your preferred music and sounds.

Here are other criteria to consider in choosing the best 12-inch subwoofer for your needs and a brief explanation on each benchmark.

Note: These criteria are made simple for non-technical people so they may easily understand the basis for choosing the best sub for them. For a more technical car owners who want detailed information, they may check out the technical descriptions of each product within this article and their links.


The wattage is the unit of power usually used to measure the capacity of the sub. The wattage range for a common subwoofer is from a low of 100 watts to as high as 2,000 watts. The wattage is also the measure of power into how high a subwoofer will emit sound at any given time.

2. Materials of enclosure

One of the finest materials that the modern sub boxes are made is fiberglass because of its flexibility. Fiberglass is also proven to produce unique sound quality and deeper bass enhancement. The other great material for sub enclosure is wood. The box enclosure though is usually not included in the purchase of a subwoofer, the box is sold separately.

3. Sound quality

This is what separate other brands from each other. Although all subs are almost made with the same materials, wattage, and with similar RMS power ratings, sounds vary from every manufacturer. Furthermore, every listener has his/her own preference of a great sound. If you think a particular brand has a sound that suits your taste, go for it.

4. Cost

Try not to be intimated by the price of your choice. Whether it’s the cheapest or the most expensive subwoofer in the planet, take down its qualities and use your instinct to decide, while also asking your pocket if you could go deeper.

5 Best 12-inch Subwoofers In 2017- a Review

It is also crucial that you search for the right brand that possesses these qualities which will give your preferred bass sound. That is why we assembled these 5 best 12-inch subwoofers from an array of dozens of brands, and we arrived at this finest list that we firmly believed have the most distinct bass sounds among other brands.

The Pioneer Ts-w3003d4 is a 2000-watt, 12-inch Professional Subwoofer that has a nominal power range of 300 to 600 Watts RMS on top of the max power of 2,000 Watts. Being made by Pioneer, the world’s leading brand in audio systems, the Pioneer TS Champion Series Subwoofer has a sensitivity of 96dB and frequency response of 20 to 80 Hz, an ideal frequency range that will produce dramatic bass inside your car.

The Pioneer Ts-w3003d4 Professional Subwoofer only needs a small space to be more productive (only 0.85 to 1.75 cubic feet will suffice), so it is not in any way obstruct anything inside your car. This sleek sub has a more appealing surface which enhances the beauty of your car’s interior.


  • Power handling capacity: 2,000 Watts, Peak; 600 Watts RMS.
  • Terminal posts are spring-loaded.
  • Mounting depth is just enough at 11.10 inches.
  • Ideal for sealed enclosure.
  • Any ported or vented enclosure will not alter quality.
  • Woofer cone is seamless IMPP composite.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty against defective parts.
  • Can also be used in home theaters and other home applications.


  • Requires 1 piece of a 12V battery (each sub) to operate.
  • The depth reaches 12 inches.

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils

Coming in with Max Power of 2700 Watts and RMS rating of 1350 Watts, the Power Acoustik MOFO 12-inch Subwoofer is one of the leading brands in the market today. The MOFO Series Car Subwoofers have their motors refined and enhanced efficiency from MOFOs of 6 years ago while the cones are non-pressed pulp for added durability and truly smooth and low bass. The heat cap is now made from aluminum and at the same time coupled to the coil former, which acts as a heat extractor (or a heat sink).


  • With new generation aluminum dust cap, coupling the voice coil former.
  • With fins bracing the cone (made from a composite of cloth paper) that eliminates cone flex.
  • Has superior performance compared to old MOFOs.
  • With 90-day warranty against factory defects.
  • Comes with accented blue hue that serves as an interior design for your car.
  • Has UV cover foam surround for a more distinguishable bass sound.
  • Medium price subwoofer.
  • Depth of mounting is only 6.5-inch.


  • Enclosure not included, sold separately. Power Acoustik recommends their proprietary vented enclosure available with the purchase, just add less than $50
  • The product is non-returnable when already purchased, you can consult warranty certificate for further details.
  • One of the heaviest subs (27lbs weight).

The Rockford Fosgate P3D4 1200-Watt Peak Subwoofer is a 4-Ohm, 12-Inch and a 600-Watt RMS sub that comes with many other functional features other brands fail to deliver. The Rockford Fosgate Punch Series have flex fit plastic design and much greater appearance for your dashboard. This product still delivers 1200 Watts of maximum power handling (on a 600-Watt RMS) creating one of the most admirable bass sounds you will ever hear.

The Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 is boosted with VAST (Vertical Attached Surround Technique), a proprietary technology that increases the area where sounds emanate. This technology allows for a more distinct tone perfecting the sound quality.


  • With copper clad aluminum voice coil (2.5-inch in diameter).
  • Ideal to use in cars and trucks.
  • With dual linear spider embedded with 16AWG tinsel.
  • Has dust cap and aluminum cone which are anodized for durability and longer lifespan.
  • Magnet cover is made from textured PVC.
  • Nomex brand reinforced collar, this enables the sub to withstand vibrations and high temperature from prolonged use.
  • Un-equalled sound quality as attested by various users.
  • Increased cone area without expanding the diameter which adds up to more bass sound.


  • Comes only in a single unit.
  • One of the products on our list that has a higher price tag.

If you are looking for a mineral-filled and polypropylene cone sub for added durability and efficiency, you may opt for one of car owners’ favorite, the JL Audio W0V3 12” Series Subwoofer. This brand has a large roll surround for an ample amount of excursion not readily found with the competitions. This sub is also a space-saver and can fit in a mid-size ported box without the hitch.

Believed to be JL Audio’s finest audio equipment on the 12-inch sub category, the JL Audio 12W0V3-4 amazes most of its users because of its terrific sound quality. Although priced higher than the nearest competitors, this bass intensifier is quite a relief from your amplifier. It is not surprising that this product is highly popular among SUVs and light truck drivers.


  • With voice coil that has a proprietary Elevated Frame Cooling system bring more air to the coil for maximum cooling.
  • Compact and sleek, perfect for sedans and other compact cars.
  • Lightweight at only 8.82lbs.
  • Peak Power handling is 600 Watts, while RMS rating is 300 Watts.
  • Material is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.
  • Surface is smooth finished and has seamless exterior.
  • Material is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.
  • Has an ideal free air resonance of 28.43Hz.
  • Metallic silver frame finish is classic in style.
  • Highly recommended by the auto industry.


  • Also one of the most expensive brands, but has distinct qualities.
  • Comes only in one piece sub.

This 12-inch subwoofer makes it perfect for a reliable bass inside your vehicle. The sound of the Kenwood KFC-W3016PS 2000-Watt Subwoofer brings justice to every romantic music you want to hear. It comes in at only 4.4lbs and is sleek and a true space-saver for small vehicles. This sub is rated at 2,000W Peak Power and an RMS rating of 400W. A gem of a sub that brings you closer to more bass sound that is truly relaxing to the ears.

This stunning subwoofer has an 8 AWG push terminal so it can be easily installed once you have a perfect enclosure to mount. The KFC-W3016PS is one of those products that add up more life (literally and figuratively) to your amplifier without harming the system. The bass sound it makes is unlike any other which suits more on pop and romantic music.


  • One of the cheapest models of Kenwood.
  • Comes in various tint and colors.
  • Lightweight at only 4.4lbs.
  • Slim and sleek, don’t need big space to mount.
  • Cone is made from heavy-duty polypropylene, reinforced with rubber surround, expecting a longer lifespan than any other brand.
  • Kenwood is one of the most respectable brands in a car and home audio systems.
  • Also equipped with an elastic polymer surround.
  • Single 4-ohm voice coil and an oversized diaphragm.
  • Made in the USA
  • Increased cone area (but no adjustment in diameter) that enhances low-frequency output (perfect bass enhancement).


  • Requires 1 piece of a 12V battery to operate.
  • Comes in one piece.
  • Requires 8 screws to install.


If we are to choose the best 12-inch subwoofer for 2017, we certainly pick the JL Audio 12W0V3 Series Subwoofer (number 4 on our review). This remarkable sub is not an ordinary one compared to other brands on our review. The cost is out of the question, we can surely add a little bit more in exchange for an ideal performance (undeniably, it has an astounding sound quality).

Although we can manage to purchase its perfect enclosure, the RMS rating (300 Watts) is just flawless for our regular-size car. It’s immense features also leave us speechless. Finally, JL Audio is one of the world’s finest makers of quality audio equipment and they are proven to last longer than other brands. Really, no doubt about it!

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