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Best 6.5-inch Car Speakers- Top 10 Product Reviews 2017

Best 6.5-inch Car Speakers

If you ever wonder if it is hard to choose the best 6.5 car speakers for your car? Absolutely not! While there are so many sizes to chose from, the 6.5-inch car speaker system is the most common choice among the current breed of car lovers across the country.

This is because 6.5’s are one of the most affordable, the most versatile, with diversity and functional designs, and meet almost all of your requirements as a dependable car speaker. Before you buy speakers for your car, better to read this review first of all. We will present to you 10 of the best 6.5-inch car speakers of 2017 on the planet, read on!

Top 10 Best 6.5 Car Speakers

The Pioneer TS-A1685R Car Speakers is an absolute fidelity that originates from the finest speakers which bring in the most splendid sounds. This A-Series speaker from Pioneer has a mounting depth of only 2 1/8-inch and an over-sized cone that is 14% larger than other brands. This results in deeper low range sound reproduction that most car owners want.

Coming in a pair, the TS-A1685R 4-Way Car Speakers has a flawless off-axis response which is made up of a soft dome tweeter and a mid-range driver that uses a waveguide housing. This enables these awesome speakers to have mid and high frequencies that contemplated in a systematic and broad dispersion that mimic a smooth on- and off-axis reverberation.

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Coaxial Speaker is currently one of the best-sellers in this category of car speakers. More car enthusiasts are becoming satisfied with its vacuum polypropylene cone with a rubber surround that truly sounds great! This beast of a car speaker is a 3-way coaxial type that has silk dome pole mounted Piezo tweeter and it got mid range.

These speakers are an ideal replacement for factory installed speakers that you might not enjoy for a long time. The Rockford Fosgate Prime 6.5” Full-range Speakers are also a stamped steel basket, rated at 45 watts RMS and 90 watts MAX, a 0.5-inch tweeter, and a sensitivity of 91dB. A really great companion especially when you are traveling alone!

The Kicker DS65 6.5-inch is a great upgrade for those who want quality time with their car speakers. This one-of-a-kind Coax speaker system has a heavy-duty driver for improved performance. It is also equipped with the innovative Extended Voice Coil (EVC) woofer (0.5-inch diameter) technology for a heavenly clear bass.

Compared to other brands of its class, the Kicker DS65 Coax Speakers are easy to install, any amateur car lovers will find these car speakers truly amazing! These speakers have ribbed polypropylene cones, UV-treated surrounds for ultimate sound quality, and has clear mid frequencies which produce precision highs defining the finest in impressive sounding audio equipment.

The JBL GTO638 6.5” Speakers is not your average car speakers. The pair got tweeters that function like you are having attributes the same as a home-theater. No kidding, really! Rated at 4-ohm, this product has a peak power of 180 watts with great power handling, unlike any other brand.

This GTO Series by JBL has separate woofers and tweeters so you could easily customize it along with its 3-way component car speakers. The GTO638 6.5-inch is what music and car lovers prefer for their vehicles. The speakers have terrific bandwidth integrated with edge-driven textile dome tweeters that sound with class.

One of the most affordable brands of car speakers on the 6.5-inch category on our list is the JVC CS-J620 6.5-inch Coaxial Car Speakers made by JVC. But low price does not connote low quality, in fact, these 2-Way car speakers have 300 watts of peak power in short burst and with an RMS capacity of 30 watts (each side). Not so bad for a power handling capacity.

This JVC CS Series 300W Car Speakers are particularly a joy for most car and music lovers as they are designed to emit terrific sounds with minimal or almost zero distortion. These speakers have high sensitivity and manufactured to last longer than conventional car speakers because of its heavy-duty materials and its ability to blend with several types of amplifiers. A really bargain deal!

With a frequency response of 65Hz to 29Khz, the Alpine SPR-60C 6.5-inch Car Speaker System has a sensitivity of 88dB and is equipped with a multi-layer hybrid fiber cone that emits a relatively strong bass response. Additionally, this high-end speaker system has HAMR (high amplitude multi-roll) Santoprene rubber surround that makes it distinct from other brands. This feature allows for a more consistent and extended cone fluctuation.

For better power handling, the Alpine SPR-60C 6.5-inch has a recommended power range of 5 to 125 watts RMS/ channel. Furthermore, each speaker has a peak power of 330 watts and RMS of 110 watts each speaker (220 watts combined RMS).

This dB Series car speaker by Polk Audio is an art form in itself. We heard that Polk engineers were using laser imaging to come up with the perfect combination of materials and are exploring the newest design that will totally eliminate distortion. And they are seemingly winning in this one.

The Polk Audio DB651 6.5” is widely noticeable because of its 3/4-inch pivoting liquid-cooled silk or polymer composite dome tweeter. These speakers are also highly regarded for use in marine applications, such as for power sports. The Polk Audio 2-Way Car Speakers have 92dB sensitivity and have a power range of 6-60 watts RMS, peaking at 180 watts.

This paper cone tweeter TS Series of Pioneer has 320 watts of peak power each speaker with 50 watts RMS (also each side). The Pioneer TS-A1676R 6.5” 3-Way Car Speaker is handsomely designed to feature an elastic polymer surround, a highly rigid multilayer mica matrix cone detail enabling a deeper and wider bass.

The classic design features tweeters that are sure for a more polish sound delivery range from mid to higher frequencies. This will produce clear and amplified sound quality even in higher volume. The Pioneer TS-A line of design series is one of the most respected in the industry and more car lovers are adept at this design.

Also one of the most affordable brands on our list, the Kenwood KFC-1695PS 6.6-inch Coaxial Car Speakers are truly “heaven-sent”. These Performance Series car speakers by Kenwood are highly recommended for the new generation of car enthusiasts. This new design of car speakers by Kenwood will surely revolutionize how you hear music and sounds inside your car.

The KFC-1695PS 6.5 is a 3-way car speaker that have multi-driver design giving you eloquent lows, clear vocals, and impressive highs. Its water-resistant paper cone reacts quickly to bass and maximizes the speaker strength. It has also an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer that improves the response from 3000 to 4000Hz range.

Still coming from Pioneer’s TS-A Series, the Pioneer TS-A1675 6.5-inch Coaxial Car Speakers have lightweight elastic polymer surround enhancing high sensitivity (90dB). This TS-A1675 has a new grille design which has also a heat-resistant voice coil wire that dissipates high input power.

These beautifully crafted car speakers come in a pair with each side enhancing a powerful 300 watts of peak power with 50 watts nominal power. It has also a wide range of frequency response (35Hz to 31Khz) than any other brand. Experience the great sounds that only Pioneer could provide.


Did you enjoy our list? Our list of the Best 6.5-inch Car Speakers in the 2017 market could easily narrow down your choice in equipping your car with the best quality car speakers as a good replacement for factory installed units. It is surely a significant time that you seek for the best with the most cost-effective and more enjoyable car speakers for your second home, your car.

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