What is the Best Jack Stands to Buy in 2017?

Jack stands

Jack stands are always used in pairs, and they are a remarkable piece of invention. Using the right capacity and appropriate jack stands, working under your car will keep you safer. Additionally, jack stands will keep your car hanging in the air when you have to do some routine maintenance or reparations beneath your car. Once the vehicle is high enough after having lifted by a floor stand, it’s the jack stands that stay standing and bolster up the car while you do the works underneath.

In this article, we will show you a review of 5 of the finest and best jack stands in the market today and choose the one that stands out. If you don’t have one right now or you want to replace your aging pair, better to read this before you buy! But first, know some facts about this wonderful machinery.

What do jack stands do?

Jack stands are used to keep your car propped up while you do some works or routine maintenance like checking the transmission, replacing a crankshaft main seal (3), and other works underneath the car. They are used after a floor jack lifts the part of the car where you are going to do the maintenance. These jack stands to support the weight of the vehicle while the car’s other wheels remain in the ground.

You can still use these stands to keep the whole car afloat if needed be (you will be needing 4 of this device, but this seldom happens). The jack stands should be put side by side on a solid and level surface (not on an inclined plane) to support the vehicle’s rigid part (like the chassis) and to prevent the car from rolling over while you do the maintenance. Experts’ advice that you rather put wheel chocks (wooden wedges are great alternatives) on both sides of the tires at the other end of the car that you will not be working on.

Putting wheel chocks will ensure that the car will not roll over under any circumstances. After making sure that everything is balanced, you can pick the most appropriate position for the jack stands (or consult your manual for the perfect jack points) to support the weight of the car you are going to work into.

Jack points, by the way, are the spots underneath the vehicle that is primarily designed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the car while it is lifted.

Difference between a jack and a jack stand

Jacks come in different types, which include the scissor type, hydraulic jack, hydraulic bottle jack, and the high-lift jack. On the other hand, jack stands come in fixed and adjustable types. The most common jack stands and the one preferred by seasoned mechanics and car lovers that are available today in the market are the adjustable types.

You can’t use a jack stand to lift a vehicle, it is advisable that you use the floor jack in lifting the vehicle that you will work on too, then position the stands in the proper location under the vehicle. Floor jacks typically have wheels for easy handling, has a round top, and they are designed to hoist a vehicle and not as a durable support device for a long duration of maintenance. Additionally, as another experts’ advice, a floor jack should only be used to hoist the car from the ground while the jack stands must be used to hold the vehicle in place.

The jack stands are the perfect fit for this job, they have a rigid body, with saddle shaped top and do not move unless on an unbalanced surface. Jack stands usually come in various capacity for family cars, such as 1-, 1.5-, 2-, and 3-ton capability. This means that a pair of jack stands with 1-ton capacity each can lift a vehicle that has a 2-ton weight, and so on and so forth.

Effective and safe ways of using jack stands

Jacks stands could be a friend or a foe. The wrong use of this device could spell disaster to users. This type of jack is not commonly used to change tires, like the floor jack. To make the stand more durable and safe both for the user and the car, they must be always used in pair.

Make sure that the stands fit tightly underneath the vehicle and place in the right jack points. Also, ensure that the surface that they are standing is flat, solid, free of debris, and not slippery. After installing the jack stands, make sure that the stands are rigid by testing it by your hands.

Moreover, expert mechanics strongly suggest that using adjustable jack stands are more reliable and can perform various functions compared to a fixed one.

Factors to consider in choosing jack stands

  • Capacity

If you have a heavier vehicle, it is just proper that you choose jack stands with higher capacity, and vice-versa.

  • Adjustable

Don’t pick stands that are fixed. You may not know what you will be driving in the future. Additionally, fixed stands are not portable, you can’t use this type anywhere.

  • Cost

While the price might be your last option, see first the traits and qualities of the brand you are thinking of before you make the final decision.

  • Safety features

Utmost safety must be your priority before anything else. Look for a brand that offers the maximum safety features.

  • Materials

Seasoned mechanics and the professionals are unanimous in declaring that the best material for jack stands is steel or cast iron. So, don’t settle for anything less.

5 Best Jack Stands in the 2017 Market- a Review

If you want a more traditional stand design at the fraction of a price of more expensive brands, try the Torin T43002 Big Red Steel Jack Stands. This saddle top is made from durable steel and just perfect for family cars, sedans, SUVs, and other light trucks. It has distinct double locking pin design that could be geared up quickly for adjustment the minute they are put in position. These stands are capable of adjusting up to a maximum 16 inches in height, from the lowest level of 11.5 inches with its durable ratchet.


  • Available also in 2- and 6-ton capacity.
  • Seamless weld, solid construction, and reliable.
  • Base dimension of 7.5 X 7 inches (length and width, respectively) adds up to stability.
  • Heavy-duty at an affordable price.
  • The fine investment for reliability and safety.
  • Has locking rack pawl that provides more safety.
  • Adjustable with more than 5 inches of height clearance.
  • Top-rated, which connotes trust from car owners.
  • Lightweight (14.9lbs) and portable enough to go with the car and easy storage.
  • ASME Certified for Safety Standards.


  • Not advisable to use for cars with low chassis as room for movement will be too cramped.

Choosing the Torin T46002A Big Red Double Locking Steel Jack Stands will give you a high-grade steel that is durable enough to carry a 6-ton car without the hitch. Once you are used to the durability of the Torin T46002A, you will be amazed by what other things this duo could do and the outstanding features they have.

These heavy-duty jacks are also constructed with seamless weld, solid construction, with locking rack and pawl that enhances security and stability once they are properly mounted.


  • Forged iron bar ratchet that self-locks into position.
  • Adjustable from 15 inches up to a maximum height of 23 inches.
  • With 8 inches of height clearance.
  • Double-locking capacity for added safety.
  • With patented safety pin design that adds more safety for users.
  • Meets ASME PALD Safety Standards.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Available in 2- and 3-ton models.
  • Reliable in any weather, hot environment will not affect instability.
  • With precise adjustment.


  • Much heavier (with a weight of 34lbs each jack stand) than other brands.
  • The stands can’t be folded for storage.
  • Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands, 6 Ton Capacity (Set of 2) (10)

If you are seeking for a product that originates from the USA, the Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack Stands may interest you. This homegrown product has higher price compare with other products which are not surprising for many car lovers across the nation. While you are more concerned about the safety of these stands, you will not make a mistake picking this pair out.

The large saddle top of these set of stands provides a wide area of contact with the weight that is being supported, adding up to its durability and security. The multiple position ratchet bar will give you the utmost safety and instability while you are under your car.


  • Made in the USA
  • One of the highest lifting ranges: 16-1/4 inches minimum up to 25-3/4 inches maximum.
  • Each stand has a 3-ton capacity, great for large vehicles.
  • Also with non-slip base.
  • Materials made from formed steel frame.
  • Curved top center design adds instability and safety.
  • The triangular stand has reinforced and seamless weld.
  • Adjustable ratchet innovation has clearance range of 9 inches, higher than other brands.
  • ASME Certified for Safety Standards.


  • You will pay extra for the high-standard of quality this stand has.

The Performance Tool W41023 Jack Stands are capable of holding up to 3-ton each of vehicle weight and could be set up in seconds. Even its base is designed much wider than any other brand of its class. With base dimensions of 13 X 15 inches (length and width, respectively) and seamless weld on its frame, you are assured of these stands’ durability and instability even when under pressure.

Performance Tool is widely known for its manufacture of other high-quality products, such as jumper cables and other equipment that is why they know quality quite well.


  • Made from steel with a durable and strong frame.
  • Suitable for family cars and light duty trucks.
  • Weighs only 31.30lbs each stand.
  • Meets ANSI requirements for Product Standards.
  • The saddle is larger with a durable steel top.
  • Height adjustment range from 15-1/2 inches to 23-1/2 inches, with 8 inches of clearance.
  • Other models available to choose from with same quality as this one: 2- and 3-ton capacity for each stand.
  • Price in medium range compared to other brands in its class.
  • Seamless weld and rigid frame.
  • Also, thicker steel frame construction that adds up to its instability and safety of use.


  • Although the weight of each stand is 31.30lbs, small-built people may find this difficult to move around.

If you have a not so heavy car (a personal car, perhaps), the Powerzone 380035 Jack Stand might just be enough for you. The 2-ton capacity of these stands is just right for light cars or the everyday vehicle that you are driving. The stands have a lift range of 10-3/8 to 16-3/8 inches in height, with enough height clearance 6 inches.


  • Fully adjustable and highly affordable.
  • Just enough for beginners.
  • Lightweight at 10.9lbs each stand.
  • Has ratcheting style locking bar that is convenient to use.
  • Can be adjusted in multiple positions of height.
  • Precise in adjustment.
  • Made from a heavy-duty steel frame and cast-iron bar.
  • Works well with Honda Civics, Nissan Altima, and other light cars.
  • Can be easily set up by a single person.


  • You can’t use these stands if you decide to upgrade for a much heavier vehicle.


Do you want to ask our choice for the best jack stands to buy right now? Don’t be surprised, but we just picked the Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack Stands with a 6-ton capacity. We certainly admire and trust the Hein-Werner’s safety features, their durability and rigid steel frame, larger capacity, and they are being adjustable although they cost higher than the others. So, what the heck?

We guess that everyone prefers a safer environment even if you have to spare some precious cash. But still, utmost safety is truly priceless!

And lastly, if you have a fleet of cars which have different weight, you can surely use this pair in all of them. Well, in case that you have only a light truck or a sedan right now, there is a great possibility that you might upgrade to a much larger vehicle in the near future, so this duo of a stand could still be usable. Nice logic, isn’t it?

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