Best Touch Screen Car Stereo in 2017 (Read This First Before You Buy)

Touch Screen Car Stereo in 2017

With the ever changing lifestyle of most car lovers, their preference for more sophisticated devices is also on the rise. Just like the current craze today, the touch screen car stereo is ruling the airwaves. With these new technological innovations in car audio systems, you will not only able to listen to romantic music, you have also the chance to watch a movie inside your car with just a touch of a finger, and other magnificent features.

Gone is the time when you only listen to music inside your car. Today, all of it had undergone a total overhaul that gives you more entertainment and functions while you are stuck in your vehicle waiting for the traffic to normalize. Fortunately, there are various brands of this device proliferating in the market, and we are here to help you pick the best touch screen car stereo that will suit your taste and needs.

What are the benefits of having touchscreen car stereo

There are certainly too many advantages you can get in installing a touch screen car stereo than the conventional type. Most touch screen models have back up camera input so you are able to see your back clearly while you are backing up. Conventional car stereo systems can only give you AM/FM radio, music playback, CD and DVD player, MP3, and other simple features.

touch screen car stereo | Care my cars

Touch screen car stereo | Care my cars

When you have a touchscreen car stereo on your arsenal, you can choose non-expensive one but fully packed with wonderful features that are fun and entertaining to use. Additionally, the elegance of touchscreen control enables the device to be used easily and makes your trip safer and more convenient. Here are some of the features that you can get when you opt for a touchscreen stereo system.

    Other high-tech features

Things to consider in picking the Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

Here are some of the factors to look for when you want the best audio system for your car:

  • Comatibility

Pick the out the one that is compatible with your other gadgets, such as smartphones, Tablets, and laptops, so you can maximize its use for your advantage.

  • High-tech features

With the changing times, there are several brands of these touchscreen car stereos that feature today’s smart applications, and other functional features that can help you to drive more efficiently and conveniently. You can pick the one that offers the most functions that you need in everyday life (like a GPS navigation system, Bluetooth wireless technology that could help you in backing up via remote camera, etc.).

  • Ease of installation

While you dreamed of having systems that help you in everyday driving, why not choose also the one that could be installed easily without adding more cash.

  • Ease of use

Seek for the brand without the elaborate operation that could only mess you up instead of helping you out. While most communication systems (like mobile phones and the likes) could be operated by almost any one on the planet, any additional skill about electronic devices is not a problem these days.

  • Cost

And finally, look for the brand that will not ruin your budget, but instead save you more on the long run. If you are wanting a specific brand but cost higher than the other, think twice. Then settle for the one that is cost-effective. Even if it cost higher.

Remember that your concern is an utmost quality that could bring you the ultimate safety and convenience while cruising the road.

7 Best Touch Screen Car Stereos in 2017- A Review

If you want your car stereo to be fitted with Bluetooth and at the same time you can see what’s happening on your back when you are backing up, the Pioneer AVH-280BT Touchscreen Car Stereo system is the right one for you. This little big guy has a lot of technology to offer in one single device that you could never imagine can be yours for just a fraction of a price compared to other brands. There are certainly more, consider this:


  • star

    Has 6.2-inch touchscreen display monitor.

  • star

    Capable of DVD and CD operation with only 14amp internal power.

  • star

    Suitable for 2D (double DIN) dash openings.

  • star

    With music and video playback and control of music files.

  • star

    Compatible also with video and music playback from USBs (flash-drive).

  • star

    Compatible with smart phones, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad control.

  • star

    Easy installation and operation.

  • star

    Wi-Fi capable.


  • Remote control is not included in the purchase. This is sold separately.
  • Video and music playback needs an adapter. Also sold separately.

If you don’t want to get lost next time you travel away from home, the Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX In-Dash AV Receiver is equipped with a GPS Navigation System. It’s also a great experience while you hear romantic music when you navigate the unfamiliar terrain with only a touch of the screen, really fantastic! The AVIC-5100NEX is a much-improved version of the AVIC-5100 and this one has a more quality sound because of the addition of the Auto-EQ function. Really great stuff!


    Clear view even in broad daylight.


  • check

    Initial cost might be intimidating, but it’s all worth it.

  • check
    Special adapter needed for the hands-free call, but could be purchased separately.

The Joying 7-inch Android 2D Car Stereo is a good upgrade if you want basic features concerning touchscreen stereo systems. This double DIN audio system can zoom in your back up video system into its 7-inch monitor once you are backing up. If your back up camera is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, this touch screen car stereo will do the live streaming when you back up even in the dead of night, just make sure your camera has clear lighting.


    Digital media format: JPEG, MP3, MP4, and WMA.


  • This item is deeper (at 6” depth size) than most car stereos, you might have some difficulty finding the right space in your console.

The Kenwood DDX9703S In-Dash Touchscreen Car Stereo has some of the most comprehensive features among the brands in the market today. While it has a Bluetooth capability, it also has a hands-free talking and audio streaming that works well with most mobile phone models. The line of sight is usually 32.8 feet. It has more to offer, though, like an expansion for SiriusXM Satellite Radio, SiriusXM SXV300V1, and other high-tech features. The stereo is also equipped with AM/FM/DVD/CD receivers, various modern Apps, and GPS navigation, among others.


    Peak power out put of 50 watts each for 4 channels.


  • star-o
    The SiriusXM SXV300V1 needs a subscription and the device is sold separately.
  • star-o
    You have to provide cameras for rear and front views. These are sold separately.

5. Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver with 7" Motorized Display/Built-In (8)

One of the most popular brands of touch screen car stereo is the Pioneer AVH4200NEX, a Double Din (2D) receiver that has Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and can support two phones at the same time. It is also compatible with other devices and Apps, such as DVD/CD/FM/AM, SiriusXM SXV300 tuner, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and AppRadio Mode for iPhone and Android, among other worthwhile applications. Apple Car Play enables iPhone users to have smarter and safer ways of using the phone inside the car to utilize calls, use Maps, listen to music and see messages using the touch screen.


    Lightweight at only 6.5lbs.


6. Kenwood Double-DIN In-Dash 6.1" LCD Touchscreen Car Stereo

The Kenwood 2D In-Dash 6.1-inch Touchscreen Car Stereo has a Pandora Radio link and several playbacks on different media including FM/AM, DVD, CD, MPEG, CD-R, and CD-W, among dozens of other mediums. It is also compatible with other smartphone devices, such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone,5S, 5C, 5, 4S4, 3GS, 3G, and 2G, among others. This touchscreen car stereo has a 6.1-inch color monitor with high-quality pixels that is clearly seen even in broad daylight.


    Lots of expandable options like SiriusXM Tuner and rear view camera input.


  • Carries high price tag compared to other brands of its class.

The Kenwood eXcelon DDX9902S is one of the easiest multimedia receivers to install, even non-computer savvy drivers will have no hitch learning its functions.


    Bluetooth enables with high-resolution streaming.


  • Heavier at 7.9lbs compared to other brands.


Will you be surprised if we choose the Kenwood DDX9703S 2-DIN In-Dash Car Stereo w/ 6.95" Touch Screen (number 4 on our review) as the all time best touch screen car stereo of 2017? Well, to tell you frankly, all of the products in our review are all capable of giving you the optimum pleasure and convenience of a safer driving experience, but we have to choose the finest of them all. The cost is quite heavy on our budget, but it’s all worth it, we have decided to add a little bit more.

Besides, we are seeking for a safer and convenient driving, even under the harshest weather. This product has lots of unique and high-tech features that we all need, and it is one of the easiest to operate and install. And finally, the Kenwood DDX9703S is compatible to our existing devices (smartphones, Tablets, etc.).

Additionally, when you have this kind of technology inside your car, your vehicle simply becomes your home.

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