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What To Do If A Car Door Won’t Shut? You Will be Surprised Of How Simple The Solution Is

A Car Door Won’t Shut

A Car Door Won’t Shut

Did you ever experience that while driving around a curve, the door of your car’s passenger side suddenly opens up? Then, you pulled over to check just what happened. But unfortunately, the car door won’t shut even if you banged it hard several times.

It’s a good thing that your companion is buckled up if not, she might be thrown away from the car and might suffer some life-threatening injuries. This simple problem can be easily fixed if you just know how to do it, or bring this problem to a qualified mechanic and draw some good cash for a simple repair.

Stop worrying now, because this simple trouble does not require much skill to do. And if you do it yourself, you will save a good amount of money and then learn the solution so that you will be able to fix this kind of problem in the future.

What are the dangers posed by doors that do not close completely?

If you are caught unaware that your car’s passenger door has a defective lock and it suddenly opens while you are in the middle of the road, there are several things that could happen aside from what we have stated above. Here are other possible scenarios:

  • If you are overtaking the vehicle in front of you, there is a possibility that the door will open up fiercely and the oncoming vehicle may hit the opened door. This may result in injury and a total wreckage of your door and possibly the body side molding assembly of your car.
  • When your door suddenly opens up violently and you are cruising at a very high-speed, your car’s content might be ripped away by the strong wind. This may result in some of your precious “cargoes” (such as documents, etc.) being blown away and might be lost.

The best thing to do when you experienced this incident is to pull your car over to the shoulder and have some fixing to do. Do not attempt to close the door by tying something to it or make your passenger hold the door while you still run the car.

What are the possible reasons a car door won’t shut?

car door won’t shut

car door won’t shut

There are 2 possible reasons of a car door that won’t close firmly. One reason is the door’s latch is misplaced or stocked up due to rust/corrosion. This problem is a simple one, any car owner can do the solution all by himself.

The other reason is a sagging door that renders it misaligned. This problem requires the help of an automotive repair shop to get the job done.

What should you do if you have a stock up latch?

  • Fixing a stocked up door latch

This is a simple problem if the latch is only stocked up. Just look for the rotating latch prongs on the door’s edge. The latch usually rotates downward. Lift the handle of the door and the latch’s position will be revealed.

If the latch is closed, you need to adjust it. Keep the handle in the upward position and get a pointed tool, like your key or pen, and push the latch making it rotate downward in the open position. Close the door and check if it keeps close or shut.

If you have a Ford F-150, here is a good replacement kit for a latch lock assembly if it needs replacement, available from Amazon: Ford F-150 Door Handle Latch Lock Cable Repair Kit 8 ends F250 F350 Full Set. It has a full standard size head and is made from premium grade polished aluminum and commonly fits Ford’s F-Series.

If your door latch cable needs replacement, try the Dorman 924-351 Door Latch Release Cable, this cable could be used in both passenger and driver side doors and is made from durable steel that has molded ends making it more resistant to breakage. Also available from Amazon.

Keeping your latch system lubricated

To prolong the life of your door latch, keep it always lubricated and free from rust. Use the WD-40 Multi-Use Product - Multi-Purpose Lubricant with Smart Straw Spray to lubricate your door’s metal elements and other moving parts. This product is safe on rubber, wood, other metals, and most plastics. Also available on Amazon.


A good maintenance practice on your car will not only save you money, but it could also save lives and properties. Knowing what to do if a car door won’t shut will certainly get you safer on the road.

Also, a simple product like a lubricant that you could keep inside your car. You can use this occasionally on the car’s simple moving parts that could spell a lot more difference when some of its parts begin to corrode which could be the start of a major problem.

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