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What Does the Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Tell You?

Back in early 2007, a legislation requiring automakers to install a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on every light vehicle they make was approved. This legislation was a safety measure for cars and encourages efficiency for the vehicle’s operation. As a result of this act, the tire pressure sensor fault was introduced. Have you ever experienced […]


Why is there a Grinding Noise When Your Car Turns

This article will help you know What Are Other Unusual Sounds On Your Car That Spell Disasters Expert mechanics will absolutely tell you what the problem with your car when you describe to them what you hear when your car is running. Some unsuspecting car owners will describe the noise when they are speeding, slowing down, […]


How hot your car engine can get & find out how to avoid it getting hotter

Most car engines’ normal operating temperature range between 195F and 220F (90.5-104.3C). While water boils at 212F (100C), you may now assume how hot an engine could get while in operation. At this temperature of water, you can cook beef within half an hour. Similarly, you can fry an egg at this temperature within seconds! Imagine […]

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