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Top 10 Best Car Speakers to Get in 2017

Car speakers are a sure delight for car owners. But do you know that sometimes, factory speakers are made from inferior quality and could be easily worn out? The sound quality in factory set speakers easily become muddy and distorted in a short period of time. For those who are not familiar with the different types […]


How to Clean Seat Belts in Two Simple Methods

Seat belts are your body’s protection when your car suddenly had a collision, a sudden stop, and other types of an accident your car may suffer. They are certainly an essential part of your safety that is why they are also called “safety belts”. Seat belts are subject to regular tear and wear, they become […]


What Causes High Oil Pressure (What You Should Do to Fix the Problem?)

​Your car’s oil pressure must be maintained at least at its middle level on the pressure gauge. However, high oil pressure is enough to cause an alarm. The uncorrected problem of this type may cause your car engine to malfunction and may lead to unthinkable damages on the engine. If the trouble is not addressed immediately […]


How to Replace a Power Steering Belt in Quick and Easy Steps

Power steering is an important system of your car. It is the system that aids in steering the vehicle allowing the driver to exert a minimum amount of effort to drive. Along with the power steering, there is a single belt that powers all of your car’s auxiliary systems, it is the power steering belt. The […]


How to Install Fog Lights ? 8 Simple Steps on Bumper Mounting

​Fog lights are extra lights on your car that help you to improve your visibility on the road, especially during poor weather environment. Most car models have different steps in installing fog lights (also called fog lamps) but they have the same purpose. Here, we can show you the common steps in installing fog lights. Basically, […]

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