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How to Use Rubbing Compound Easily to Remove Scratches from Your Car

Every once and a while, you will find your car with scratches and you may wonder where did they come from or how did they get into your car. There are several reasons why your car may have scratches, but you can work on it yourself to save you from expensive repairs once you bring […]


How to remove Plasti Dip® on your rims easily as you wish

Are you tired looking at your rim with Plast Dip? Or are you missing your rims’ natural chrome? Some car owners really have to change the color of their rim just for the fun of it, but others want to have colorful insulation on their rims to protect them from the harsh effects of the […]


How to Clean Seat Belts in Two Simple Methods

Seat belts are your body’s protection when your car suddenly had a collision, a sudden stop, and other types of an accident your car may suffer. They are certainly an essential part of your safety that is why they are also called “safety belts”. Seat belts are subject to regular tear and wear, they become […]


How hot your car engine can get & find out how to avoid it getting hotter

Most car engines’ normal operating temperature range between 195F and 220F (90.5-104.3C). While water boils at 212F (100C), you may now assume how hot an engine could get while in operation. At this temperature of water, you can cook beef within half an hour. Similarly, you can fry an egg at this temperature within seconds! Imagine […]

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