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How to Replace Lower Control Arm and Bushings Without the Added Cost on Labor

IntroductionHave you ever wonder what the lower control arm and bushings do to your car? Well, they are one of the most important components that make your vehicle run as smooth as possible. This system is located between the frame of your car and the spindle which dampens vibration in-between the wheels and the frame […]


Quick Steps on How to Remove and Replace a Power Steering Pump Pulley

Like any other system on your car, the power steering operates by means of a pressurized fluid. The power for delivering that fluid comes from the engine itself by way of a pump. On the other hand, the power transmission between the pump and the engine is done by means of the belt and the […]


How to Replace a Power Steering Belt in Quick and Easy Steps

Power steering is an important system of your car. It is the system that aids in steering the vehicle allowing the driver to exert a minimum amount of effort to drive. Along with the power steering, there is a single belt that powers all of your car’s auxiliary systems, it is the power steering belt. […]