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Why Your Car is Overheating While the A/C Is On? Possible Causes and Solutions

Did you experience that your engine overheats easily when your car’s air conditioning (A/C) is on? This is a very inconvenient situation, especially during summer. This will force you to shut off your A/C unit and be content driving with the windows down until you reach home. Aside from the inconvenience that you may experience […]


How to Manually Move a Power Seat Without Bringing It Down

The power seat in your car will be rendered immovable when the motor suddenly dies. Electrical troubles are unforeseen events, but it can be detected earlier if you are keen enough. But when the power seat’s switch panel suddenly malfunctioned, what will you do to move the seat manually? Power drill1/4 inch drive ratchetWhatever might […]


How to Polish Aluminum Wheels in Easy Steps

What are you suppose to do with corroded and “dirty” aluminum wheels? You might be disgusted when those wheels become eyesore rather than admirable parts of your car. But don’t be intimated by what you see, polishing aluminum wheels to appear brand new and in mirror finish, you guess it right, is quite easy to […]

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