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5 Convincing Reasons Car Heater is Blowing Out Cold Air instead of Heat

Quick Navigation 5 possible reasons why your heater blows out cool air Leaking waterStuck up heater core tubesDehydrated coolantMalfunctioning thermostatBad or clogged up heater controls We tackled last time about your vehicle’s A/C blowing hot air  when it is searing heat outside. Now, we are going to discuss your car heater blowing out cold air and not heat when it […]


What a Whining Noise in Your Car Mean When Accelerating?

Hearing more unusual sounds coming from your car is enough reason to be alarmed. Like a whining noise when you are accelerating, this could be an indication of a minor trouble or a bigger problem waiting to happen. Better still, it is safer to treat every noise (whether you know it’s a standard or normal […]


6 Most Credible Reasons Why Your Car is Jerking While Driving

A jerking car when starting, accelerating, and driving really has a serious issue. When this happens, your check engine light might come on to warn you of possible problems on your car. But what seems to be the big deal when your car is jerking while driving?Experts and professionals on automotive vehicles suggest that there […]


What the Color of Transmission Fluid Tells About Your Car

The transmission fluid color says a lot about your car. A new transmission fluid has a distinct color before you add it to your car. After several miles and lots of roads you have traveled, the transmission fluid will certainly change color, and this will suggest something about your car. You will know on this article […]

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