How to Choose the Best Diesel Engine Oil: A Buyer’s Guide for the 2017 Market

Best diesel Engine Oil

Vehicles cost a lot these days and car owners are doing everything to prolong the lifespan of their automobiles. Diesel cars do need frequent maintenance and oil changes to keep them protected and clean every time. The right choice for a more reliable but affordable diesel engine oil should be every car owner’s priority to assure the best protection for their engine.

We shall discuss here some of the world’s best and finest diesel engine oil available in the market today. But first, we will tell you more about diesel engine oil, its functions, and uses, how to choose the best diesel oil, the right one for your car, and other facts about this wonder liquid.

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Defining Diesel Engine Oil?

The diesel engine oil should not be mistaken for diesel fuel oil. The diesel engine oil is used to lubricate the diesel engine, while the fuel is used to power or run the engine. Although some diesel engine oils are formulated for use in diesel engines, some can be used in gasoline engines.

The procedure in picking the right oil must be based on the oil if it is compatible with your engine. The process will assure of an efficient and smooth running of your car in any weather condition, less your engine oil manufacturer told you so. The diesel engine oil resembles gasoline engine oil, they just have little differences.

The two oils (of diesel and gasoline) have base oils that are compounded with diverse additives to refine particular oil properties, and their difference lies in the amount of add-on that is utilized. While diesel engines suck in more carbon, gasoline engines absorb more tar and moisture.

Why it is better if you have a diesel engine car?

If we compare cars with gasoline engines and those that have diesel engines, which will you choose? Diesel engine cars are more expensive than common gasoline engine vehicles because the diesel fuel is cheaper. But having a diesel engine has more advantages compared to gasoline engines. Here are some of those:

    • The new breed of diesel engines are now quieter and require a minimum of maintenance.
    • In contrast to gasoline engines, diesel engines are stronger in rugged and sloping terrain.
    • Diesel allows for a more mileage than gasoline that’s why they are used in heavy equipment and transportation.
    • Diesel has a variety of applications. It can be used not just for cars or light trucks, but also for tractors, ships, power plants, and other heavy equipment.
    • Diesel does not need spark plugs, unlike gasoline engine. This is much safer especially for the drivers and machine operators.
    • Most military vehicles and armored personnel carriers (APCs) used diesel engine because they are not susceptible to flames.
    • Diesel is mostly cheaper than gasoline. It is also denser, meaning, it could make more mileage compared to gasoline.

How to choose the best diesel engine oil?

Here are some of the criteria in choosing the best diesel engine oil for your car:

  • Versatility

Not all diesel engine oil is created equal. Choose the oil that can easily adapt to various uses.

  • Suitability

Make sure that your choice of engine oil has the right formulation of additives. Also, be assured that the one you choose is compatible with your engine. To be precise, consult your the owner’s manual.

  • Cost

Although not all cheap engine oils have inferior quality, a high price is not also an assurance of superior products. Ask your budget if you can afford such brand, then analyze the engine oil’s performance if it could really deliver value for your money.

  • Efficiency

Better to see to it if your choice of diesel engine oil can help you attain better fuel economy.

  • Cleaning capacity

Choose the oil that will cleanse your engine without damaging vital parts. Having a clean engine is also prolonging the life of your engine.

  • Viscosity

Choose the best oil that can deliver lubrication power even under pressure. Check the viscosity grade of the engine oil of your choice as this will determine the starting temperature of the engine.

  • Protection to wear

Pick the lubricant oil that would not cause damage to the engine. Instead, it should provide ultimate wear protection to extend the life of your engine.

Here are our Top 5 picks in Diesel Engine Oil


Hot Shot's Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive - 128 Fl. oz.

The Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil has so many features that are distinct from other diesel engine oil that’s flooding the market today. It comes with a fuel additive in one purchase so you are treated to a whole lot more of preventive maintenance while you do the usual routine.

Hot Shot's Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive - 128 fl. oz.


    • Prevents untimely wear while keeping the engine clean.
    • Made in the USA.
    • The green bottle (Stiction Eliminator) treats 45 quarts of engine oil.
    • The red bottle (Diesel Extreme) treats 160 gallons of diesel fuel. Both economical to use.
    • Environment-friendly. Containers are recyclable plastic.
    • Eliminates persisting frictional drag while reducing valve noise.
    • Comes in total 128 Fl.oz (4 quarts) that is more than the volume of other brands at a fraction of the price. Best bargain so far.


    • Both oils are harmful when swallowed, better to keep children away while filling up.
    • The oils are flammable when they reached their flash-point temperature. Keep away from heat or direct sunlight.

This dynamic duo of diesel engine oil and fuel additive will make your engine power more improved and with enhancing compressing capability. The green bottle is a “stiction eliminator” that prevents stationary surfaces to be set in motion, while the red bottle “clean and boost” your fuel.


Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil - 5 Liter

The Liqui Moly 2332 5W-40 Engine Oil is one type of oil that can withstand even the lowest temperature and still delivers the necessary lubrication. At higher temperature, you can barely feel its thinning while it circulates around your engine. This product is approved by various car manufacturers for use on their cars, such as BMW, Renault, Porsche, Opel GM, VM, Fiat, Citroen, and other European-made vehicles.

Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil - 5 Liter

When you use this engine oil, you are virtually saving fuel while you help the environment as it has also low carbon footprint compared to other engine oils. Whether you changed speed frequently, the Liqui Moli Leichtlauf High Tech Engine Oil maintains its pressure so you also keep your engine “young”.

The Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil has so many features that are distinct from other diesel engine oil that’s flooding the market today. It comes with a fuel additive in one purchase so you are treated to a whole lot more of preventive maintenance while you do the usual routine.

This dynamic duo of diesel engine oil and fuel additive will make your engine power more improved and with enhancing compressing capability. The green bottle is a “stiction eliminator” that prevents stationary surfaces to be set in motion, while the red bottle “clean and boost” your fuel.


    • Impressive performance in cleaning the engine.
    • Proven effective in catalytic converters and turbochargers.
    • Suited for mixing with many types of engine oils available in the market today.
    • Engine lifespan is prolonged due to its high degree of wear protection.
    • Reliable engine lubrication in any weather and internal engine condition.
    • Made in Germany.
    • Using German technology in manufacture.
    • Can also be used in gasoline engines.
    • Highly efficient in attaining fuel economy.


    • May thickens (low viscosity) when the engine is not utilized for an abnormal period of time, especially when the ambient temperature plummets.

The Red Line 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil is one of those engine oils that has an acid-neutralizing capability that minimizes corrosion inside the engine of your car. It also provides twice the detergent action for an ultimate cleanliness than the traditional petroleum diesel engine oils can do. This product is proven to resist high thermal breakdown even in prolonged condition. This oil may not be your usual synthetic type, but it can efficiently deliver the maximum power your engine is rated for.

The Red Line 21405 Diesel Engine Oil is ideal for tropical countries and those areas where the ambient temperature is above normal. This lubricant is a brilliant choice for medium and heavy-duty diesel truck engines when ultimate pressure is required. Even in sloping terrain, this oil does not overheat and stays liquid in a colder environment.


    • Ideal to use for Ford Power Stroke, Chevrolet Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and other vehicles that are compatible.
    • Mix well with other motor oils.
    • Extends the life of the engine with its acid-neutralizing characteristic.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Perfect for light trucks, and other vehicles with a heavy load.
    • Also great for towing vehicles.
    • Capacity to withstand long-haul and extended drain intervals.
    • Compatible also with gasoline, motorcycle, and marine engines.


    • May perform less efficiently in extreme environment.

    • One of the most pricey products under its class. But performance is highly appreciated by a majority of car lovers in the United States.


4. BestLine 853796001429 Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Treatment - 16 oz.

The BestLine Premium Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is an environment-friendly product as it has low carbon emission when used in diesel engines. It also reduces fuel consumption as this oil is an efficient performer when lubricating a diesel engine. This product has a special added blend that coats the internal parts of your engine by bonding the layer of the lubricant so it resists wear and friction efficiently.

As the BestLine 853796001429 will leave your engine truly clean and protected from rust and corrosion even if your car is not running for days. This engine oil works well when added 10-15% by volume every oil change. The product enhances more and more fuel economy while in used repeatedly and continuously every oil change.


    • Attainable fuel economy.
    • Most effective in minimizing friction.
    • Gives your engine longer life than any other brands.
    • Also works well with a gasoline engine.
    • Ideal for heavy equipment, light trucks, and other vehicles with tow.
    • Compatible with almost all motor oils in the market.
    • Made with Micro Lubrication Technology (known also as MLT).


    • This diesel engine oil may not function well in an extremely cold environment without idling the engine.

Shell Rotella (550019921) T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil (CJ-4) - 1 Gallon

One of the well-known and top-selling diesel engine brands in the market, the Shell Rotella is thus far leading the pack when it comes to lubricants. The Shell Rotella (550019921) T6 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil has proven to effectively provide excellent wear protection and cleanness on your engine.

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil 5W-40, 1 Gallon

This fully synthetic oil is a combination of petrol and diesel oil that has high and low-temperature protection. So, you can use it whether you are in a tropical or cold country, the weather has little effect on this engine oil. This engine oil is also adaptable to the ever-changing driving conditions as it is also both functional and heavy-duty in uses.


    • Has high tolerance from overheating than any other brands.
    • Keeps the engine running smoothly and quietly.
    • Can increase fuel efficiency.
    • Has versatility in performance.
    • One of the most protective oils against early wear and ultimately minimizing carbon deposits.
    • Does not vary greatly in viscosity even in the coldest weather.
    • Manufactured by a company that has over 40 years of producing efficient lubricating products.



Let me share my one cent’s worth of thought about the best diesel engine oil among the products that we have reviewed. My choice? It’s the Liqui Moli 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil. Fortunately and surprisingly, the Liqui Moly satisfies 100% of my criteria of the best diesel engine oil that I have been looking for.

In fact, I have been using this lubricant for more than 6 months now. Here are my reasons for doing so:

    • It has the best formulation for cleaning your engine.
    • The cost is affordable. I have no issues with its price.
    • Fuel efficient and has high fuel economy.
    • It has a variety of uses.
    • Very convenient to use and really compatible with my car’s engine.
    • Though it has minor issues in viscosity, I don’t think it will ruin my engine.
    • This diesel engine really provides the real wear protection I needed for my car.

One thing more about this product, it can be easily ordered via Amazon Prime, without me adding any fee for shipping. Really convenient. Bar none!

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