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How to Install Fog Lights ? 8 Simple Steps on Bumper Mounting

How to Install Fog Lights ? 8 Simple Steps on Bumper Mounting

Fog lights are extra lights on your car that help you to improve your visibility on the road, especially during poor weather environment. Most car models have different steps in installing fog lights (also called fog lamps) but they have the same purpose. Here, we can show you the common steps in installing fog lights.

Basically, fog lights have unique beam shape. They have flat and wide beams and are positioned low in vehicles, mostly located near the front bumper. Fog light shapes are commonly resembling a narrow bar where its beams are meant to cut through the thick fog to light up the surface of the road enabling drivers to stick to his/her lane safely.

Importance of fog lights

Fog lights are developed to help drivers see through snow, thick and dangerous fog, dust particles, smoke, and other confusing glares on the road. These often happen during poor weather conditions, especially at night.

Types of fog lights bulbs

There are 3 types of fog light bulbs used by car owners. You can choose from among these main types depending on what style you prefer.

  • Halogen fog lights: This type of bulb is the most common among vehicles. It is also the cheapest. The bulb of this light is made up of a single filament with halogen gas.
  • HID (high-intensity discharge) fog lights: This bulb uses xenon gas that enhances a large amount of bright light. This is one of the most popular fog lights because it mimics daytime lighting.
  • LED (light emitting diode) fog lights: This bulb has a longer lifespan and greatly enhances bright light. It is also not vulnerable to intense vibration. But compared to halogen light, it is more expensive.
Types of fog light bulbs

Types of fog light bulbs (Via: amazon.com)

Different styles of fog lights

There are 3 styles of fog lights. They are classified according to their installation method. Know here the styles so you may be more specific in buying a new set of fog lamp.

  • Grill mounting
  • Rack mounting
  • Bumper mounting

What you will need

  • Fog lamp kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Rubber grommet
  • Silicone sealant
  • Power drill (optional)


We will show you here the simple steps on how to install fog lights on the bumper of your car. And consequently, learn how to turn on fog lights.


Removing “skid plate”/ housing

Removing the front bumper of your car is not necessary when mounting fog lights near the bumper. Just remove the screws of the skid plate on both sides of the bumper including the plastic push clip. Then, remove the smaller tab using a screwdriver.

The small tab or clip has 4-6 (depending on car model) screws which you will poke open one by one towards the inside of the housing. Pop each tab out until they are all free.


Mount the fog lights

Once the tabs or clips are out, you can now mount the new fog lights from the inside. Again, use a screwdriver to tap each hole of the new fog lights. There is a hole on the bottom left of the housing where the light will slip into.

The slots’ holes should be aligned with those of the lamps. The two top screws should fasten the upper part of the fog lights. If the holes don’t align on the bottom, drill holes on the housing so that the bottom part could be fastened.


Running the wiring

In wiring the fog lights, the left side should run next to the battery. There is a rectangular opening that is built to run the wiring through. This will direct the line to the spot where the fog light is.

The right side should be run in front of the radiator. You must move the foam while pushing the wire to the back of the engine. Let this wire pass the same rectangular opening. Then connect the lights and screw the skid plates for each fog light.


Grounding the fog lights

Remove the fuse of the wiring on the end. Connect the red wiring to the positive side of the car battery. While the blue wire must be grounded through the 10mm socket near the battery.


Closing the relay switch

To close the relay switch, run the yellow wire through the firewall. If your car has no hole in the firewall to accommodate the wire, bore a small hole using a screwdriver. A non-destructive hole is through the rubber grommet.

The wire will come out slightly above the gas pedal inside the firewall. Then tape the yellow wiring to any piece of short metal while pushing it through the firewall. You need also to loosen the 2 screws and a clip at the center to take out the dash protector to see where the wire protrudes.


Installing the fog light switch

Find where the mirror switch is at the dash frame. Using a screwdriver, disassemble the right side blank by unscrewing the flower-head screw that mounts to this panel. Starting at the bottom of this panel near the hood latch, pull the mirror switch panel carefully from down up

There are at least 8 clips on this panel where you could pick the one where to put your fog light switch. Use a self-tapping screw provided in the kit on the blue wire to mount it to the dash frame. While using the red wire for the mirror illumination.

Then, cut the dark green wire on one end of the plug and put the red wire side-by-side with it using a butt connector that comes with the kit. This connection will allow the fog lights to work together with the running lights and the headlights.


Plugging into the new switch

And lastly, you can now plug the fog switch. Plug this new connection into the mirror control then assemble the dash frame back to its original position. Taped everything clean and tidy and assemble the dash protector back in place.

Then put back the fuse into the wiring system. You are now ready to test everything.


Testing your newly installed fog lights

When you test your new fog lights, you have to start the engine first. Then click the switch to find out if it is working. Check the angle of the lights and ensure that it has good visibility and will not blind other drivers’ eyes.



Did you enjoy this tutorial? The availability of fog light kits online makes it easier for car lovers to have a DIY on this disposal. These kits even have instructions on how to do it right.

Additionally, this how to install fog lights tutorial is adding more information and visual instructions to make the activity more fun. Hiring a mechanic to do this stuff may entail a small fortune, that is why doing it yourself sometimes will work to your advantage, budget-wise.

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