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How long does it take to get your oil changed

Get Your Oil Changed - Care my cars

Get Your Oil Changed - Care my cars

Oil change on your car must be done periodically at the manufacturer’s advice. Changing oil is an essential part of the preventive maintenance that cleanses your car’s engine and makes it perform well. But, do you know that engine oil could be changed easily and quickly without the hassle?

Service centers usually do an oil change for more than two hours, some car owners claimed they took them almost three hours waiting time before they are finished. But you should understand that these service centers have some other jobs to do especially when customers come in trove and there are other cars ahead of you.

Well, if you are not familiar with changing oil, read this worthy tutorial and remember all of the procedures so next time you do it, it will only take you half the time. Anyway, most mechanics that we have surveyed told us that it only takes them less than 30 minutes to change oil, we are going to find out here if it is true, so keep on reading.

How often should you change your oil?

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According to Alina Tugend of the New York Times on her article in 2010 regarding the frequency of changing the oil in cars, she said, “There was a time when the 3,000 miles was a good guideline”, quoting Philip Reed, a senior consumer advice editor of a famous car site. She added, “But it’s no longer true for any car bought in the last seven or eight years”. Tugend is pertaining to cars bought roughly around the early years of the 21st century.

Today, most car manufacturers and car experts agreed that the best time to change your engine oil is between the 7,500 to 10,000 miles mark or more. This range may depend on the weather condition where your car operates. Ms. Tugend also suggests that it is still better to heed the recommendation of your car manufacturer on what time frame you should change your car’s engine oil.

Here are the simple steps of changing oil

Step 1: Lift the car

Lifting the car (front only) is the surest and safest way of draining the old oil from your fuel tank. It is better to drain the old oil while the engine is still warm. Using your jack lift, lift the car high enough where you can work conveniently below the car.

At this juncture, it is also advised that you put a set of jack stands to lift the front of the car (carefully select the car’s jack points) if you don’t have an elevated platform to work into. Make sure that the stands are properly placed and secured, the parking brake is applied, while the end wheels are chocked on both sides of the tire so the car may not move.

Step 2: Put the bucket under the oil pan

When the car is safely lifted, place a bucket under the oil pan to catch the old oil. Make sure your bucket will contain all the used oil and there is enough space on the surface so it will not spill when you carry the bucket to dispose of the oil.

Step 3: Drain the old oil

When you have placed the bucket under the oil pan, you can now open the drain bolts of the pan using an adjustable wrench. Let the oil flow freely. This may take a while before the oil pan is emptied.

Step 4. Remove the oil filter

When the oil tank is totally drained, remove the oil filter and replace it with a new one. It is customary to also change the oil filter when you have your engine oil changed so that the debris adhering to the old oil filter will not contaminate the new oil. Use new seals for the filter and the bolts.

Step 5: Fill up the car with new engine oil

After the old engine oil is totally drained, put the drain bolt (with new seal) back, then fill the tank with new oil. Be sure that you use the same type of oil like the old one. If you use a different type of oil, there might arise a problem with the lubrication system in the long run.

If you forgot the type of engine oil to use, there is a printed or embossed type of oil on the tank’s cap. If in any way that this becomes unreadable, consult your car owner’s manual for the right type of oil to use. Now, when you don’t find your manual anymore, check the car manufacturer’s website and find the right engine oil for your car’s make and model.

Step 6: Check the engine oil level

Check the oil level using the dipstick of the pan. If the dipstick says so, stop pouring oil and put the cap back, then bring the car down. Start the engine in idle and let the oil circulates for a while.

Then, look again on the dipstick if it does have the same oil level before you start the engine. If not, which is usually the case because the oil is not yet fully circulated, you may add oil until you achieve the right level.

To make sure that you hit the right oil level, you may want to run again the car, this time a good one round of about 10 minutes of running time around your neighborhood. Then, check the oil level again first thing in the morning after the oil had fully settled. But first, make sure you wipe off any oil spill on the engine with your clean rag.

Here are some great tips and tricks

The job will just take less than an hour not including the preparation and lifting of the car. Although you can shorten the time to do this job, double checking and making sure everything is going smoothly will prevent back jobs. After all, you are not racing anyone, we are just showing you that sometimes doing this kind of work will keep you away from long waiting time and expensive oil change service centers are charging you.


Did you like our discussion for today? We hope you do. Knowing some simple jobs and maintenance are just a part of owning a car. Learning and getting your car’s oil changed will also lead you to more savings on parts and services that you may find too expensive when done by service centers. Additionally, the amount of time you might put off while waiting for your car to be serviced can be put to some good use or be spend more with your family.

Please send to us some of your comments or questions and we are just glad to answer all your queries. Also, share this article with your friends if you liked it.


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