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What is a Neutral Safety Switch and What It Does? You Will be Glad to Know

neutral safety switch

The neutral safety switch is another of your car’s safety features. This device is typically used in all vehicles that are equipped with automatic transmission systems. In manual transmission systems, not all cars have a neutral safety switch.

But you may add one if your car is in a manual transmission. You can use it in your clutch pedal as a safety switch. As an added safety measure on your car, the neutral safety switch prohibits you from hitting the street flat-footed.

In this article, we will teach you what is a neutral safety switch, what it does, and why you should have one even if your car is in manual transmission (also known as standard, n-speed manual or a “stick” transmission).

The Park/Neutral Safety switch is located on the drivers side of the transmission

The Park/Neutral Safety switch is located on the drivers side of the transmission where the shifter linkage hooks up. (Via JustAnswer)

What a neutral safety switch does?

Basically, a neutral safety switch is required for all vehicles with automatic transmission. The neutral safety switches restraints a vehicle from starting the engine unless the shifting gear of the system is in Neutral or Park selector. The switch deactivates the starting circuit whenever the system is in gear.

This safety feature averts the chance of having an accidental starting of your car in a gear that may result to injuries or serious damage to your car. This way, you will be able to detect if your car is safe for starting.

What is the justification you use a neutral safety switch?

We all know that having a neutral safety switch for your car will be safer when you use this device. Without this switch or the switch malfunctions, there is great possibility that you may start the engine while in gear. This unexpected surge of power will cause your car to launch forward violently and beyond your control.

This will really result in injuries and damage to your car or worst, death and destruction to other properties.

What are the signs of bad neutral safety switch?

If the neutral safety switch or one of the elements which connect the switch to its auxiliary support systems is damaged, here are the signs or symptoms:

  • When engine does not crank, even in any gear

This tells you that no electricity is flowing in the system. Burnt fuse, faulty relay, and other electrical issues might be the caused. If the problem is with the switch itself, you have to replace it.

  • When engine cranks up in any gear

This may entail a short circuit in the neutral safety switch. This is a very serious case of a safety hazard. You must replace the switch asap.

  • When the engine cranks in Park but not in Neutral

Your switch might have loose contact on one side. In this instance, the switch is either suffering from an internal element malfunction. When the switch can be turned on in one gear and not with the other is a strong sign of this condition. However, your mechanic could adjust or fix this one.

  • When engine cranks in Neutral but not in Park

This condition may be traced from defective starters, battery problems, and other elemental failures. Consult your certified mechanic for this issue.

Neutral safety switch in a manual transmission system

The neutral safety switch (also called clutch safety switch) for manual transmission vehicles is usually found on the clutch pedal. In this way, you could only start a manual transmission car by pressing the clutch pedal. Once the clutch pedal is depressed, a surge of electricity is triggered allowing the current to circulate from the ignition switch to the engine starter, and then to the agitation system, triggering an ignition.

The clutch system in a manual transmission system

The clutch system in a manual transmission system - via derekadamsgarage

The switch protects the engine starter and the transmission. But the main concern for this is actually the same as in an automatic transmission: to diminish potential injuries and damage to properties.

What are the leading brands of neutral safety switch?

Here are three of the leading brands of neutral safety switches available in Amazon that our readers are always asking. You can pick the best fit for your car.

These switches though have a specific brand of vehicles for use as described, except for the last one, which primarily fits on majority of cars today.


Your car’s neutral safety switch is what it does; to keep you and your car safe. This device, like any other parts of your car, do suffer tear and wear over time. It is great that you now know what is a neutral safety switch is, this way, you will know how important this device is to your car.

It is also interesting to note that there are various choices that you can make regarding the replacement of a malfunctioning neutral safety switch, like the ones we have stated above. And good for you, this product will be available to you in just a click of a button.

Please do send us your comments if you have any question.

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