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Picking the Best ATV Battery Charger: An Incisive Buying Guide

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The all-terrain vehicle or more popularly known as ATV is one of the most popular recreational vehicles utilized worldwide by outdoor enthusiasts. Those who want an automobile that could give them adrenaline rush can count on this vehicle as it cruises through hell or high waters. But to have these conveniences in running your ATV, you got to have the best ATV battery charger on hand so you enjoy every minute of riding this primarily recreational vehicle.

We will provide you here with the most comprehensive list of 7 of the finest battery chargers available in the market today. And at the end of this article, we will give you our top pick. But you can still choose the one that will suit your needs.

What kind of vehicle is an ATV?

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An ATV is commonly called as a quad bike, quad, four-wheeler or quadricycle or three-wheeler. ATVs are used in handling a wide variety of terrain compared to most other land vehicles, hence its name. Additionally, as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an ATV is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, has a seat that extends across or is situated on both sides of the vehicle, and with handlebars for steering control.

While ATVs are basically driven for recreation and outdoor adventures, they are also used for a variety of purposes, such as in emergency medical services, oil exploration, surveying, mineral exploration, and other industries.

Why choose the best ATV battery charger?

All-terrain vehicles, just like any other vehicle, have their own battery for starting and supplying electrical power to lights and other electrical devices that are needed in its operation. Because most ATVs are used in remote places where electrical power source might be scarce, you need to have a reliable battery charger so its utilization will not be interrupted. But unlike charging a car with jumper cables, recharging an ATV battery is much easy.

In this case, you need to have the best ATV battery charger that is handy to provide you with unlimited power supply. Moreover, if you need to recharge your ATV battery at home or elsewhere where there is ready power source, an easy-to-use unit must be on hand so you can readily power up your vehicle for the next day’s use.

Factors to be considered in choosing the best ATV battery charger

If you want your purchase to be more effective and useful, here are some of the most common factors that you must consider in buying the best ATV battery charger.

  • Compatibility

In choosing the right battery charger, read your manual and find the requirements of your ATV regarding what type of battery you should use as a replacement. Then figure out the most appropriate battery charger for this type of battery.

  • Versatility

Some battery chargers on the market today have the capacity to quick charge the engine of some bigger vehicles. You can pick this type if you own a car or other automotive vehicles so you could use this device in emergency cases.

  • Safe to use

Safety of use must be your initial priorities in buying a reliable battery charger. Manufacturers do list the safety features of their products, like anti-spark protection, protection from overheating, and other similar safety features.

  • Ease of use/ maintenance

Pick the charger that will not give you a headache in its utilization. Charging batteries are a perpetual activity as long as you are using your vehicle continuously. So, it is just proper that you have a readily available battery charger at all times which can be easily set up in no time.

Furthermore, your unit should also be easy to maintain and operate that does not require elaborate utilization. In this manner, the activity will not suppose to interfere much with your usual routine.

  • Read reviews

If you are still in doubt or do not have much knowledge about the current models of a battery charger in the market, you can read reviews (for other users’ opinions) or blogs, like this one, to give you more information about this product.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Let the cost of the product be your last basis to make a choice. Prices are sometimes deceiving, where some inferior products cost much higher than the high-quality ones. Use your instinct in making the final decision after you weigh all the parameters.

7 best ATV battery chargers in the 2017 market

Here are 7 of the of the finest breed of ATV battery chargers that are currently available in the market which you could each compare. But before we end this article, we will be picking our best choice.

The Schumacher SE-4022 Battery Charger and Tester has its own wheeler for portability and easy handling wherever you may want it. It can also be used in some vehicle battery for quick engine start, for the shop, and an ideal charger for home use. In other words, the SE-4022 is a versatile piece of equipment that you can bring along inside your trunk and be used when you have drained car battery. This manual and portable charger can be used for starting an engine of expended vehicles up to 200 amperes.


  • Has 200/40/10/2 Amp setting.
  • Equipped with cooling fan so overheating is a remote possibility even when charging for a longer period of time.
  • Includes a multi-function tester.
  • Ideal for home or shop use where you can charge other vehicle batteries.
  • With an easy-to-roll around feature that includes plastic wheels.
  • Can charge both 6V and 12V batteries


  • Heavier at 27.3lbs compared to other similar battery chargers of its class.

If you want a more portable charger for your ATV battery that you can easily carry even with one hand, try the Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 1.25 Amp Battery Charger, and knows how convenient it is when you have one like this in your arsenal. With the Battery Tender as your charger, the temperature is indemnified that will make sure charging voltage is used ultimately according to the ambient temperature and definitely no overheating. This charger uses only 1.25 max Amp to charge 12V and has a reverse-polarity protection to ensure safety when in use.


  • Charging mode automatically switches to floating status when fully charged.
  • Relatively a fast charger.
  • With indicator lights (red and green) to signify operation.
  • If mobile phones have smartphones, this one is a smart charger.
  • Fully charge your battery and stored it without damaging the system.
  • Lightweight at only 2.3lbs overall weight and portable
  • Aside for charging ATVs, could also be used on off-road motorcycles
  • Easy to use


  • Smoking, striking a match or any spark are prohibited near the vicinity of the battery when charging.

You can now charge your ATV battery the fastest way possible. You can do this by using the Schumacher SC-1200A-CA Fully Automatic Battery Charger which is much better compared to conventional chargers that are usually too slow for people on the move. This Schumacher SpeedCharge is also suitable for 6V (medium charging) and 12V (fast-charging) loads while it has also a 3V selection for maintaining the charge. This device has also a digital display so you can see properly how much charging current you are transmitting to your battery.


  • Several Amp selections for speed charging (use 3Amp maintainer for optimum charging application).
  • With float mode monitoring.
  • Automatically alter rating of Amp in charging and maintaining the batteries.
  • Automatically senses the voltage being charged (whether 6 or 12V).
  • Lightweight at only 3.1lbs overall weight without the connectors.
  • Portable and handy
  • Amperage control is through touch of a button
  • Easy to use even in all types of weather


  • The package does not include the cable connector for maintaining/charging and the cable connector extension cord, they are sold separately.

Another battery charger on our list that could be used in other high horsepower vehicles for quick engine start is the Schumacher SE-1052 Manual Starter and ChargerThis little guy is also portable with an overall weight of just 1lbs. This charger comes with charging cables, has a 50 Amp capacity, and 3-function power switch (2, 10, 50Amp) to choose from as the mode of charge. While you can use the 10 Amp for fast-charging, you can also use the 2 Amp rating for trickle charging.


  • Several Amp selections for speed charging (use 3Amp maintainer for optimum charging application).
  • With float mode monitoring.
  • Automatically alter rating of Amp in charging and maintaining the batteries.
  • Automatically senses the voltage being charged (whether 6 or 12V).
  • Lightweight at only 3.1lbs overall weight without the connectors.
  • Portable and handy
  • Amperage control is through touch of a button
  • Easy to use even in all types of weather


  • The package does not include the cable connector for maintaining/charging and the cable connector extension cord, they are sold separately.

NOCO Genius G750 6V/12V .75A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

Via: Amazon

The NOCO Genius G750 Smart Battery Charger is a reliable and durable battery charger that can be used in charging batteries for ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, lawnmower, speedboat, and personal watercraft. This smart battery charger comes with charging cables when you purchased and is equipped with colored LED indicators that flash to see the charging status. The LED indicators are for charging (green), error (red), 12V Norm, 6V Norm, and the Standby light (white). Another good thing about the NOCO Genius G750 is that can repair damaged batteries and automatic other functions. Really, genius!


  • One of the safest equipment to use.
  • An automatic battery charger and maintainer (on both 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries).
  • Portable and easy (plug-and-play) to use everywhere with onboard microcomputer.
  • Great battery maintainer to keep car, RV, boat, and deep-cycle batteries fully charged all the time.
  • With reverse-polarity protection and spark-proof capability.
  • Monitors overheating which automatically shuts-off when sensed
  • Ideal for start-stop and CANbus automobile systems
  • One of the most affordable battery chargers on our list
  • Still lightweight at 4lbs overall weight (including cables)
  • Provided with heavy-duty battery clamps


  • Can’t be used to jump-start the engine battery of big vehicles.

BLACK+DECKER BM3B 6V and 12V Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer

Via: Amazon

The Black+Decker BM3B Battery Charger/ Maintainer is an automatic battery charger that stops itself when charging is completed. This small wonder is used as battery maintenance or for charging ATVs, RVs, antique and classic cars, vintage vehicles, specialty vehicles, motorcycles, marine deep cycle batteries, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, and other similar types of transport. The unique design of the BM3B is quite distinct from other small battery chargers on the market.

This portable and easy to use automatic charger, and a maintainer at the same time, will revolutionize how we perceived this device. Look at some of its admirable characteristics: 


  • Convenient to use because of its small size.
  • Lightweight at only 1.4lbs excluding accessories.
  • Comes complete with connecting cables, 12V/DC outlet, ring terminals, battery clamps, and with built-in mounting bracket.
  • Charges 6 and 12V GEL, AGM, and even WET batteries.
  • Ideal to use in any weather.
  • A “plug and forget” battery charger that requires almost zero maintenance
  • High frequency charging at optimal capacity especially during off season


  • This device has no alternator check and engine start features like the brand’s other with higher capacity models.

If you want cheaper battery charger that will serve your ATV battery well in any weather condition, you may opt for a smarter one like this KeyLine Chargers KC-75A-MP Automatic Car Battery ChargerSometimes called as ‘Mini-Pro 5”, this 0.75 Amp device is one of the world’s newest and safest battery chargers that needs no elaborate operation to use. This easy to use and inexpensive battery charger has 5 stages of charging process that make you more relaxed when charging.


  • Lightweight (only 12.8 oz) and portable you can take it anywhere.
  • Has reverse polarity / short circuit/ anti-spark protections.
  • Input voltage of 110-240VAC and output of 12V at 0.75Amp.
  • Comes complete with accessories, such as alligator clips, battery clamps, and quick disconnect plug with fused ring terminal.
  • Sleek and compact in design.
  • Weather-proof because of brilliant sealing system
  • Applicable also on boats, motorcycles, jet ski, snowmobile, car, and other similar vehicles with the same types of batteries


  • Not advisable for quick engine start.


Please don’t be surprised if we choose the NOCO Genius G750 6V/12V .75A UltraSafe Smart Battery Chargeras our best ATV battery charger. Although this product is not the cheapest on our list, it has more amazing features concerning safety and ease of use, and it is compatible with our existing ATV battery. The NOCO Genius G750 is also true to its claim of being a smart battery charger as we have witnessed when we purchased one.

Additionally, since we also own a car, we find it more convenient if we have this brand so we can have a spare battery charger for our other vehicle whenever we need one. Really a smart choice! 

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