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How to Remove Bird Poop Stain in Your Car Without Touching It

Remove Bird Poop Stain

Once you park your car under a tree during a busy summer day, the shade provides a great relief for your car’s paint and surfaces. However, birds can also harbor the tree’s tempting shade. You might end up with lots of bird droppings on your car’s windshield, roof, and anywhere else the paint and the chrome parts are in their absolute shine.

Bird poop can damage your car’s paint, and we are sure of that! You might think bird poop is a harmless dirt on your car. Think again. Getting rid of bird dropping on your car is quite easy, by the way, if you know the ways.

Today, we will teach you how to remove bird poop stain in your car without you touching it. But first, know the effects of bird’s poop in your car. Continue reading to find out more!

What’s in a bird poop?

Bird’s poop contains uric acid. The uric acid could certainly damage your car if not removed immediately and swiftly. Additionally, some birds eat gravel to digest the food they eat, while their stomach is highly acidic, so does their poop. And this acid is highly corrosive to metal and paint.

The presence of tiny gravel in the bird’s poop will eventually lead to scratches when scrubbing hard. Utmost care is just what you need to avoid these scratches.

What you will need

    • Carbonated water or soda water (no salt)

    • Spray bottle

    • Bottled water/tap water

    • Stain remover

    • Disposable bird poop wipes

    • Safety gloves

    • Car wax

    • Clean towel or microfiber cloth

    • Buffing machine (optional)

What you will do to eliminate bird poop from your car

We will consider two methods in removing bird poop stain in your car: the fresh and the dry poops. In the first method, we will assume that the dropping is still wet, while in the second method, dry poop is considered. So, we have two different scenarios, each scenario will not let you touch those poops while cleaning them.

Dried poop is the bird dropping lying on your car for more than an hour. It will certainly stick to the surface of the car and removal of the stain is quite difficult at this time, especially on chrome parts, so we need two different approaches. It is best to wear safety gloves before you start removing those unsightly bird droppings from your car.

Fresh bird poop


If the poop is still fresh (you can tell if it is newly dropped when you notice that it is still wet), better to act fast before it dries up in minutes.


Get your specialized wipes and wipe the bird poop in your car gently. Check out the instructions on the wipes and follow those instructions. Most of the wipes that you can order online are treated with special chemicals that will neutralize bird dropping or excrement to avoid it from damaging your car’s paint.


You can also use soda water (also known as no salt seltzer water or carbonated water). While you can stock this water inside your car’s trunk, as this could be used as a beverage, you can also use this to get rid of bird poop while it is fresh.

You can put some in a spray bottle and spray it into the affected area. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then rinse it with a cool water (tap water). Then use your specialized wipes to clear up the stain and dry it with your clean towel or microfiber cloth.

Dried up bird poop

When you suddenly found one morning that there is a bird poop splash onto your car, it is most likely dried. It is certainly a bad idea to scrape the dried dropping as this may damage the car’s exterior paint. Here is the best way to do:



To easily discard the bird poop stain, spray it with soda water and leave it for a few minutes until the stain becomes soft. To make it easier to remove, dampen a cloth with the soda water and put it over the dried stain. Keep it there for another 10-15 minutes.



After enough time, the stain must be soft enough to be removed. Wipe the stained spot with another piece of clean cloth until the area is totally cleaned. Wipe it gently with firm pressure without scrubbing.



When the spot is totally cleansed of stain, rinse it well with cool or tap water. After the stain is cleared, wipe it with a microfiber cloth to clear the stain of watermarks or streak. You can run the windshield wipers if the stain is in the windscreen until the surface is totally dry.

Using a clean and dry microfiber cloth, wipe the stained spot repeatedly until it is totally dry.

Applying wax and polishing

In either case (fresh and dry poop), it is better to follow the removal and cleaning of stain with the application of your favorite wax. Then polish the surface (use a buffing machine if you have one) as we have instructed in the previous articles (please see the article “What is the Best Car Wax for Your Vehicle?”).

Waxing and polishing your car after removing the stain is a must. It will protect the stained part, will prevent oxidation, and it will also maintain the shine and mirror finish of your car. Waxing and polishing your car after the stain had been removed will definitely preserve the shine on your car, so do it immediately after the stain removal (but be sure that the surface is completely dry).

Our most valuable tips

For a more effective wiping of bird poop on cars, the best to use is the Armor All 10863 Cleaning Wipes - contains 25 sheets. This will not dry out or fade your car’s surfaces, and these wipes are disposable. Available in Amazon.

Do you car a great favor by using the Starbrite Bird and Spider Stain Remover (in a spray), this poop remover is also applicable for spider droppings, so you have one product for two kinds of droppings. It is safe for children and pets. Also available on Amazon.

A well-carbonated water is the Vintage Seltzer Water - Original - 33.8 oz (1 liter) with 12 bottles in one pack. You can stock a bottle or two in your car’s trunk to anticipate this incident while you are away. Easily available on Amazon.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? Bird poops are highly acidic and this may damage your car’s chrome and painted surfaces. While fresh bird dropping can be easily removed while still wet, in case that it dries up, it can also be removed with a different technique.

But in either case, waxing and polishing the affected part must be the next right thing to do. So it will not be difficult when birds did you some unfavorable deeds, you can remove its dropping without touching it, really!

Knowing how to remove bird poop stain in a car without you touching it is really a lot easier to do than just splashing it with water, which may leave some traces of acid.

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