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Sedan vs SUV: Quick Comparison Guide – advantages and disadvantages

Do you ever wonder that cars are according to their types of body styles? Some of the car’s body styles are the sedan, coupe, SUV, hatchback, among others. Each has its unique characteristics that separate one from the other. 

Private organizations, the authorities, and carmakers developed a scheme to classify vehicles for purposes other than regulations. Like, knowing the category and description of each so the buyers won’t be confused as to the type they want.

But between SUV vs. Sedan, which do you prefer?

This article will enlighten you on whether a Sedan edge over an SUV and vice-versa.

Here are quick comparisons between SUV vs. Sedan cars so you will know their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Sedan?

The automotive market describes a sedan car as a passenger vehicle with four doors but has a separate trunk. Sedans have “three-box” bodies, namely;

  • Front box

It is the part of the sedan where the engine is.

  • Middlebox

It is the part of the car where the passenger seat.

  • Third-box

A typical sedan - Vinfast-VietNam

It is the location of the trunk. Found at the rear of the vehicle.

The trunk is the enclosed part of the car where you put your cargo and other stuff. Moreover, an ordinary sedan can accommodate up to five people (including the driver) comfortably inside.

Moreover, a sedan has sun-types, namely: a notchback, fastback, compact, and subcompact.

Some of the best examples of a subcompact sedan car are the Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Versa, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, and Mitsubishi Mirage G4, among others.

What is an SUV?

On the other hand, an SUV (or Sports Utility Vehicle) is a seven-seat (excluding the driver) vehicle and classified as a truck rather than a car. Aside from being broader and more horsepower than a sedan, an SUV has an off-road capability.

This car type has bigger wheels and commonly has a 4 X 4 drivetrain, the one you call a four-wheel drive, but not all models have it. Considered as a lighter truck in the U.S., the SUV is a multi-purpose vehicle that is ideal outdoors and rugged terrain.

Most SUVs have four to five doors to accommodate larger families and three rows of seating.

A Vinfast SUV

Differences between a Sedan and SUV

An SUV is more expensive than a sedan in most cases but with powerful towing capacity (3) that a sedan doesn’t have. However, a sedan is easy to maneuver and drive in an urban environment like a city.

The good news is: you can buy a sedan or an SUV either in the manual  or automatic transmissions.

Here are more distinctions of a sedan vs. an SUV:

Advantages and Disadvantages of SUVs


  • SUVs have the combined storage and hauling power of a truck and the comfort of a station wagon.
  • This vehicle has the flexibility of handling people and cargoes.
  • Ideal on rugged terrain without scraping the undercarriage.
  • More reliable for long-distance driving.
  • The higher seating of SUVs gives the driver more visibility of the road.
  • SUVs have a durable and rigid chassis than sedans.
  • Come in both manual and automatic transmissions.


  • The large and bulky size makes it harder to find a parking space.
  • Not fuel efficient compared to a sedan.
  • The higher ground clearance makes it more susceptible to rollover.
  • It is more difficult to park in tight places.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sedans


  • More fuel-efficient than an SUV.
  • Sedans have a lower center of gravity and are less risky topping-over.
  • Lower price compared to SUV with less cost insuring them.
  • Ideal to use on city roads.
  • The seating capacity is just five people, but the passengers are still comfortable for the legroom.
  • Sedans come in both automatic and manual transmissions.
  • Easier to learn and to handle.


  • Less spacious than an SUV.
  • Less sporty image.
  • Not ideal for towing or hauling.
  • Sedans have a lower sitting position for a driver giving less visibility.
  • Not advisable to use in rough roads and rugged terrain.
  • Not advisable for families with more than five members.

So, which is better to buy: A sedan vs. an SUV?

Only you can answer this question. As we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle, it is now up to you to decide.

This comparison is just a guide. You can ask yourself these questions if you decide to buy: 

  • Do I need an expensive SUV or a less costly sedan?
  • Which vehicle will match my lifestyle?
  • Can I afford to buy an SUV? 
  • What do I want? Comfort or adventure?
  • Will my budget suffice for the maintenance of an SUV or a sedan?
  • Which is better for my family?

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