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Top 10 Best Spark Plugs to Buy in 2017

Spark Plug - Top 10

Spark plugs are really darn cheap! And changing spark plugs on your car is one of the easiest maintenance jobs that you can DIY on your vehicle. However, the number of spark plugs in a car depend upon its engine.

The most four-cylinder engine has 4 spark plugs, those with six cylinders have 6 plugs, and so on. Additionally, those engine classified as twin-spark (like those of the racing-type cars) has 2 spark plugs per cylinder. So, if you have a twin-spark V6 engine, it follows that you need 12 spark plugs, and so on and so forth.

If you sum up this numbers, you will end up having lots of spark plugs in a single car. Though they are basically cheap to buy, spark plugs need to be of high-quality to have longer service. An average plug serves you well within the 30,000 to 50,000 mileage, but other brands may take you further than this with a minimum of maintenance.

Here are the 10 best spark plugs to buy in 2017 that will take you farther down the road and save you lots of your precious dollars in the long run. Pick here the ones that suit your car.

Top 10 Best Spark Plugs to Buy in 2017

1. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

The NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug is a Japanese made product that is designed to enhance fuel efficiency and to lower the percentage of emission. Primarily made from laser welded fine platinum tip (0.6mm), the NGK G-Power Spark Plug helps to minimize the required voltage that enables a quick start and efficient spark.

This superior product from NGK lasts longer than any other brands because of its platinum alloy ground that maintains the necessary gap towards the plug’s life. So you don’t have to adjust anything even after prolonged used. The NGK BKR5EGP is also so powerful that its triple gasket seal totally eliminates gas leaks.

A reliable brand that protects against carbon build-up, the NGK 3403 Platinum Spark Plug is built by one of the world’s leaders in spark plug manufacturing, NGK. This brand is highly effective, safe, and could be more than an exceptional companion even in extreme weather conditions, this plug just can’t be stopped performing.

This G-Power TR55GP platinum spark plug has a factory set gap that does not need re-gapping even after prolonged used. The plug is also ideal even under high temperature. It is also unbelievably terrific when starting cold. This spark plug will not only give you clean emission, this will also improve your fuel economy. Bar none!

One of the lowest priced spark plugs in the market and with the usual Japanese technology that is always reliable, the Denso PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug remains to spark through the years. This simply designed plug has adopted the twin-tip technology that relies on an 11mm platinum center electrode and an 11mm titanium intensified ground electrode.

It has a purified alumina powder insulation that dispenses impressive dielectric strength and thermal conductivity providing a capability to withstand stress. The Denso Platinum TT Spark Plug is suitable for most current models of SUVs, Sedans, and other similar vehicles. Just check it out from your trusted mechanic if this fits your car.

The Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug is an ideal plug for much of Mazda, DeLorean, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and other high-end vehicles and is highly recommended by the Ford Motor Company. Made from platinum (center electrode), the SP-479 has 14mm thread size, tapered seat, and could be of service up to 100,000 mileage or more.

This spark plug is so good it really helps to enhance maximum engine performance especially when you need it the most. The gap usually comes in at 0.065-inch (out of the box), the common gap used for most vehicles mentioned above. This gap need not be adjusted so you are sure of its efficiency.

With minimal maintenance compared to other brands of spark plugs, the Denso PK16TT Platinum Spark Plug is also equipped with an 11mm platinum center electrode and an 11mm titanium ground electrode (twin-tip design). This titanium material has one of the highest melting points among metals so you are sure of a long-lasting service.

With a smooth interior, the Denso 4503 Spark Plug also enhances faster flame dissemination enabling a higher percentage of combustion. While platinum offers more durable and offers more resistance to corrosion, having it in combination (center and ground electrode) makes this spark plug more reliable and economical in the long run.

This product comes in 8 pieces in one package. The NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug comes in fine wire platinum tip center that minimizes the required voltage in starting. The NGK 3403 has also a triple seal that avoids leakage of power in any condition, accelerates tremendously, and maximized fuel economy.

This spark plug has non-tapered ground electrode so you have a better chance of non-quenching sparks that will provide more efficient ignition. This results in minimal carbon footprint on the plug, thus maximizing its usage for a long time and will ultimately give you big savings.

Having copper as its electrode core and Iridium as its electrode tip, the ACDelco 41-103 Professional Spark Plug is one of those products that is much better for cold engine starting. This spark plug is thus the ideal to use in the cold regions of the world. This fine wire Iridium electrode is also perfect in burning away carbon deposits sitting on the tip of the plug enhancing a more fuel economy compared to any other brand.

Primarily made in the USA, the ACDelco Professional knows more about your car and how it behaves during ignition, especially in a harsh and extremely cold environment. Although it comes with higher price tag compared to other brands, the slight increase in price compensate for its outstanding performance.

The Denso 4503 PK16TT Spark Plug has a 1.1mm platinum tip center electrode and a 1.1mm titanium-enhanced ground electrode for a more reliable combustion at any occasion. This twin-tip design is the new innovation in plugs that leaves less unburnt carbon deposit into the tip signaling a more efficient fuel economy.

This spark plug also minimizes misfires and flashovers that are sometimes happening even to other high priced brands. Additionally, the Denso 4503 has 5 rib insulation that avoids this flash over as the elongated insulation provides ample electrical path creating added resistance to this phenomena.

If you want quicker starting for your ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and even your boat, used the advanced technology Autolite XS416DP Powersports Spark Plug. This spark plug is proven to provide 26% quicker engine starts than leading brands. It is also designed to focus more on ignition that minimizes fouling and much efficient in any weather condition.

It’s quicker engine starts is also conducive to less battery or starter wear and tear that the Autolite Xtreme Sports Iridium Spark Plug offers. This trait will actually save you more in battery and spark plug replacements.

An Original Equipment (OE) replacement part, the Bosch FR7NPP332 Spark Plug is a fine-wire double platinum plug that utilizes both platinum tips on the center and ground electrodes. This will certainly prevent gap erosion, maximizes performance and durability, and undeniably meets the OE requirements.

When you use this type of spark plug, you are sure to have minimal (or almost none) misfire and flash-over, especially during cold starting. This German-made product is truly a class of its kind.


Did you enjoy our list of the top 10 best spark plugs to buy in 2017? We are truly glad you do. Spark plugs come in different materials (platinum, iridium, or copper cores), and each has their own strength and weaknesses.

While your car manufacturer may endorse the ones that are factory-installed in your vehicle, replacing them with superior quality (just like the plugs we discussed above) spark plugs can help you to have a more reliable and fuel efficient car.

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