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Top 7 Best Diesel Fuel Additives in 2017 That are Surprisingly Inexpensive

Top 7 Best Diesel Fuel Additives in 2017 - Care my cars

Diesel fuel additives are an essential part of a good preventive maintenance practice for car lovers who want their engine to have peak performance at all times. But unlike diesel engine oil, fuel additive, as the name implies, is added or mixed with the diesel fuel to slightly change the chemical property of the fuel. By adding this significant oil, engine performance is enhanced.

We are giving you here 7 of the best diesel fuel additives in the market today and decide for yourself the most appropriate brand for your car. However, we pick for ourselves the brand that we think suit our car more efficiently after this discussion. So, better read on, car lovers!

    Why do you need fuel additive?

Diesel fuel additives are chemical formulations that are mixed or added to the vehicle’s fuel. There are a variety of brands and each one is distinct to each other in benefits and performance. But one thing is sure with every brand, to give you more protection from the harsh effect of diesel fuel to the environment and your engine.

Adding diesel additives to your car do have good effects on your engine and they are quite effective than not using one. This additive helps the fuel system function efficiently and keeps the engine clean and lubricated. This type of oil lubricates the engine components, such as the bearing (on pumps), seals, O-rings, and other essential parts of the engine prolonging its life.

The additives also aid in the engine’s complete combustion, thus it operates more efficiently and produced cleaner exhaust than not using an additive at all. The addition of this type of chemical boost engine performance (like increasing the horsepower, etc.). This is done by cleaning the injectors and atomizing the fuel with an improved spray pattern resulting in more burnt fuel.

Additionally, some fuel additives make cold starting (especially in colder countries) much easier during winter and where ambient temperatures are abnormally frigid.

How to choose the best diesel fuel additive?

To make your diesel fuel additive more effective, you have to consider the running condition of your vehicle and in what part of the world you are using your vehicle. And to make your choice as narrow as possible, we present here the 5 factors in choosing the best diesel fuel additive for your car.

  • Ease of use with maximum effect

Pick the one that could be easily used and handy whenever you are going to gas up. While you can store this type of chemical, be sure what your choice has an ultimate effect on your engine. Always ensure that your best choice can lubricate your engine parts, provides better combustion, and eliminate or decrease the carbon footprints of your vehicle.

  • Versatility

While not all diesel fuel additives can be used in a gasoline engine, some products have this capacity. It is fairly economical if you have both types of vehicles (gasoline and diesel) so you can use the chemical on each vehicle. Additionally, versatility also connotes that you can use the additive in any type of weather without the hitch.

  • Promotes cleaner engine

Clean engine promotes better engine performance, hence you can utilize more mileage than not using an additive. Cleaner engine also means cleaner exhaust fumes that are environment-friendly. When you have a cleaner engine, there is a big possibility that you can have your routine maintenance cost down which is an added bonus on your financing.

  • Cost-effectiveness

If your chosen diesel fuel additive can enhance more fuel economy with a prolonged quality of life for the engine, your choice is a cost-effective one. However, since most diesel fuel additives are cheap, there are still cheaper ones that you can choose, especially when you are using your vehicle quite frequently and you gas up more often.

Top 7 Best Diesel Fuel Additives to hit the 2017 market

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The Archoil AR6200 Diesel Fuel Additive from Archoil is one of the leading brands when it comes to protecting your engine from poor quality fuel. As this item comes in 80z in a single container, it can treat 640 gallons of diesel fuel enough for a month’s use if you are an average car user. This additive is highly concentrated so you need only a small amount to mix with your diesel fuel.


  • Diminishes soot and carbon deposits on your engine.
  • Improves MPG (miles per gallon) and torque power in most US diesel fuels.
  • Improvement on MPG is 2% to 8%, higher than most brands.
  • No “filters” needed when filling as the product is highly-concentrated.
  • Cost-efficient when used in the long run.
  • Enhances fuel economy and cost only $0.07 per gallon of diesel fuel.
  • Can also be used in gasoline engine.


  • May not be as reliable in extremely cold weather condition (ambient temperature below 30F).

The Stanadyne Performance Formula is thus far the best diesel fuel additive to rule the market. While this product comes in case of 12 bottles with 16oz content in every container, it can be ordered under Amazon Prime with free shipping. This additive is proven to prevent certain potential mechanical issues with your diesel engine while restoring or even improving the horsepower of your engine.


  • Used by most automobile and heavy equipment brands as Deere, GM, Ford and Navistar, and other famous vehicle manufacturers .
  • Can be used in any type weather year round .
  • Highly concentrated (8oz can be mixed with 30 gallons of diesel fuel).
  • Decreases toxic diesel fumes that are ejected into the environment.
  • Cleans engine while increasing performance .
  • Formulated by a well-known fuel injection manufacturer.
  • Helps remove water or moisture inside the engine which is one cause of corrosion.


  • As recommended by the manufacturer, this fuel additive must be used continuously for maximum benefits.

One of the favorites of most diesel engine vehicle owners is the Sta-Bil Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Performance ImproverThis product gives more credence on the stability of the fuel wherein the engine will still be performing well even if your automobile is stored for an extended period of time. The Sta-Bill 22254 Diesel Formula will also lubricate essential engine parts when used and start up once in a while. This formula also works well even if your fuel remains unused for a longer period of time, where this additive helps in dissolving particulates.


  • Cleans dirty fuel injectors and promotes better fuel atomization.
  • Prevents sludge and sediments formation.
  • Kills or diminishes bacteria, molds, algae, and fungi that grow inside the engine when not in use for extended period of time.
  • Minimizes diesel fuel oxidation as a result of thermal breakdown.
  • Does not contain alcohol that can be easily flammable.
  • Prevents corrosion of engine parts brought about by moisture.


  • Not as concentrated as other leading fuel additives (its 32oz bottle can only treat 320 gallons of diesel fuel).

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment comes in a 1-gallon container and can treat more than diesel fuel volumes than any other brands. Lucas is undeniably one of the finest makers of auto lubricants and fuel additives across the United States and perhaps the world. It also offers some of the most affordable products for fuel additives. As this product comes in a 1-gallon bottle, storage is easy and efficiently designed to ignite excessive emission of the exhaust, thus aid in the delivery of added power and mileage to your engine.


  • This product is made and formulated in the USA .
  • Helps in improving fuel economy .
  • Improve performance level by 5%.
  • Compliant with low-sulfur content.
  • Compared to other brands, this product contains detergents (in high-temperature capacity) offering impressive cleaning protection for the engine and its parts.
  • Prolongs pump, carburetor, and injector lifespan.
  • OEM product that suits most diesel engine vehicles.
  • Free shipping even if you order in bulk from Amazon Prime.
  • Can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Highly effective when use routinely overtime.

The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula in 64 oz (1.9L) bottle is one of the most recommended diesel additives by expert mechanics across North America as it can be easily stored and comes handy when needed the most. The content does not freeze even in the most frigid weather of Canada when stored in the vehicle’s trunk.It would be wise enough to check out Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula as this product is a year-round protection for your engine and can clean and lubricates the carburetor, pump, and injection systems of your automobile.


  • Avoids fuel gelling when in extremely cold weather condition.
  • Likewise, evaporation rate is minimal when stored in extremely hot environment.
  • Works in almost all types of injection systems.
  • Prevents rust on engine interior and moving parts.
  • One of the cheapest brands of fuel additive available
  • This product meets Cummins L10 Superior Test for clean performance.
  • Cost-efficient and enhance fuel economy.


  • Pouring straight into fuel tank may be messy, manufacturer suggests that it is better to pour in content in small container for precise measurement.

Just like what the Power Service Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive is promoting on its product’s name, this wonder of chemical engineering can increase your diesel fuel’s cetane number (the combustion quality of the fuel) up to an ideal of 6. This means that your fuel will have a shorter ignition delay, thus enhancing complete combustion which translates into smooth running and decreases harmful emissions.


  • Ideal in low-temperature weather where you can cold-start your engine efficiently.
  • Also best for fuel contaminated with water or moisture.
  • Keeps fuel injectors, pumps, and other engine moving parts clean and lubricated.
  • Enhances better fuel economy.
  • Comes in easy to store 80 oz bottle container.
  • Improves fuel mileage by 8%.
  • Can be used year-round in any type of weather except in below freezing temperatures.


  • Slightly pricey compared to other diesel fuel additives.
  • Not advisable to use in an environment with an ambient temperature less than 30F (-1.11C), in other words, this product is not an effective fuel winterize.

As opposed to the Power Service 03080-06, the Power Service 1080-06 Diesel Fuel Supplement is formulated with an anti-freeze compound which is ideal for freezing cold weather. This additive also prevents diesel from gelling (temperatures up to 40F) and crystallizing in frigid weather and keeps starting quick and easy even if your car is not running overnight. The Power Service Anti-Freeze can also boost cetane number up to 6 and contains a proprietary formula called Slickdiesel lubricants which efficiently lubricates engine moving parts for maximum protection.


  • Comes in 80 oz bottle container for easy storage.
  • Provides adequate protection for engine from rust and corrosion.
  • Allows your engine against plugging with wax because of the additive’s capacity to lower cold-filter plugging point up to 36F.
  • Perfect as a winterizing agent for any type of diesel fuel.
  • Ideal for all ultra-low-sulfur-diesel (ULSD) and some biodiesel blends (up to 20% mix of biodiesel).
  • Disseminates water contaminant in diesel fuel.


  • Advisable only for use during winter months when temperature drops to 30F and lower.


There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, and car lovers out there who are seeking for the best diesel fuel additive that is easily available on the online market. And we are just excited to announce our top pick for today. Choosing the Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive is proven to be a wise decision for us because of its cost-effectiveness, ease of use (comes in an individual bottle that is easy to pour on the engine) with utmost benefits.

The Stanadyne Performance Formula also keeps your engine clean and lubricated, as we found out lately. This additive really prolongs the life of our engine while keeping your diesel fuel cost to the minimum. We can now travel far with minimal fuel cost. This additive truly promotes great fuel economy.

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