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VinFast Electric Car Price: Is the VF8 & VF9 the Future of Electric Vehicles in America?
April 13, 2022

VinFast Electric Cars: VinFast Milestones & How to Order Their EVs

Vingroup believes that innovation is a right for all. So goes Vingroup’s philosophy in innovation. But, do you know that Vingroup is one of the largest conglomerates in Vietnam? Vingroup is involved in different businesses such as hotels, retail, healthcare, technology, and real estate development.

The firm has branched out into manufacturing vehicles in 2017 via a company named VinFast. Vietnam’s only carmaker is headed by its global CEO, Le Thi Thu Thuy. Madam Thuy replaces Michael Lohscheller, a former OPEL CEO. Miss Thuy is currently the vice-chair of VinFast's parent company Vingroup. Mr. Lohscheller leaves the position and is expected to return to Europe due to personal reasons.

As the automotive arm of Vingroup, VinFast accelerated so fast that it became the fifth-largest domestic car brand in Vietnam in early March 2020. The first two automobile offering of VinFast was the gas-powered LUX SA2.0 Sedan and the LUX A2.0 SUV.

But everything seems not enough for Vinfast. The company continues to evolve, conforming to its philosophy: Innovation is a right for all.

When is VinFast transitioning to all-electric vehicles?

You heard it right! VinFast is going all the way in manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs). The news was announced by VinFast in January 2002, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) in Las Vegas.

In its U. S. debut at the 2021 LA Auto Show, VinFast already hinted at its intention of going all-electric. The company is taking crucial steps toward a strategic future of versatility and innovation: when it announced the halt in producing vehicles with ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) before 2022 ends.

Vietnam’s new automaker strategy focuses on research & development of all-electric powertrains for their vehicles. The plan will make VinFast asserts its stance as one of the world leaders in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. The company will also ascertain its goal as one of the world’s first automakers to switch to pure electric.

But how did VinFast decides to switch to cleaner and more sustainable electric vehicles? How did the company bring together the next-generation design with modern technology and manufacturing techniques? Here are some of VinFast's major milestones beginning 2017 up to the present.

VinFast Timeline of Major Milestones

Stage 1: The Beginning

2017: The year VinFast establishes as a fully digital auto manufacturer in Cat Hai Island, Vietnam.

2018: VinFast was awarded ‘A Star is born’ citation by AUTOBEST: after the company introduces the LUX models at the Paris Motor Show.

The AUTOBEST is one of the most reputable automotive jury associations worldwide, granting the Best Buy Car Awards in Europe annually.

2019: VinFast launches the LUX models (Lux A2.0 & Lux SA2.0 SUV) and the city car Fadil. The launch also includes three E-scooters (Ludo, Impes, and Klara) in the domestic market.

Stage 2: Leaping Forward

2020: The new vehicles of VinFast become best-sellers in Vietnam’s three transport segments.

2021: The launching of two new E-scooters: Feliz & Theon. Also, it is the launching of Vietnam’s first electric bus (E-bus).

2021: The launching of three brand new smart electric vehicles (EVs): the VF e34 (VF6) compact SUV for the local market and the larger VF8 and VF9 for the international market [3].

Stage 3: Moving Worldwide

 2022: The pre-ordering of VF8 & VF9 SUVs in the United States began.

2022: Launching showrooms in Canada, Europe, and the U. S.

2022: The international deliveries of VF8 & VF9 SUVs start.

How to pre-order EVs VF8 & VF9 SUVs?

VinFast accepts a reservation payment of just $200 each for either a unit of VF8 or VF9. The reservation payment includes a $3,000 e-Voucher towards a VF8 or a $5-000 e-Voucher for VF9. The reservation fee also includes other premium benefits for a limited time.

The VF8 SUV sells for $41,000, while the VF9 (a larger SUV) sells for $56,000 (USD) in the United States.

What are the Specifications of VinFast VF8 and VF9 SUVs?

Here is a table describing the specifications and comparison between VinFast VF8 & VF9 SUVs. 

VinFast SUV

No. of seats

Max. Power (HP)

Range (miles)

Max. Torque (ft-lb)

Acceleration 0-60mph (seconds)

No. of airbags



















One of the outstanding facets of VinFast SUVs is the Smart Services features. Some of the admirable traits of this feature are the following: Virtual Assistant, Remote control by VinFast App, E-commerce service, Video game, Mobile home, and other services.


Are VinFast EVs the future of electric cars? Nobody knows for sure: But, it seems that the Vingroup conglomerate is going the right way! VinFast electric cars might rival the Tesla electric vehicles someday.

Even U. S. president Joe Biden believes that the VinFast North Carolina plant will generate more the 7,000 American jobs. The president says on his Twitter account, “It’s the latest example of my economic strategy at work.”


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